Street Food Craze Grips Delhi

 All roads lead to Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium 
   National Street Food Festival starts with grandeur
National Association of Street Vendors of India hosts its 6th Food Festival, inaugurated on the 25th December by Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. The fest continues till 28th of December.   
The first day of the four day fiesta, several Political and Cultural personalities, Social Entrepreneurs and Chefs attended the Inaugural Ceremony which was hosted by NASVI's National Coordinator Mr. Arbind Singh. 
Inauguration Ceremony Talk -
While inaugurating the event Chef Sanjeev Kapoor said, "Its high time the street food vendors got their due recognition. Despite serving the society, they are still neglected lots. Comparing the street food vendors with God, he said that many people’s life depend on them. As today most of the people don’t have time to make their own food and balance it with their hectic daily life. In that case street vendors’ role plays a significant role. We should recognize and encourage their efforts in serving the society. He thanked NASVI and its organizers especially coordinator Mr. Arbind Singh and Food Manager Ms. Sangeeta Singh for inviting him in this Mega event. He wished this festival best of luck and said he hopes that it grows in magnitude by every year.
He also advised the street food vendors to practice safe and hygienic methods to prepare and serve the food to the consumers. He said that the whole world knows that Indian food are very rich and has lots of variety and taste but we only lack proper presentation. If we overcome that we can be the best in the world".

Burger King

Second Floor, Select City Walk Saket New Delhi

Burger King, also known as BK, is a Miami based fast food chain that opened on the 9th of November and entered the Indian Market by opening its first outlet in South Delhi's biggest - mall, Select City Walk Saket. 

According to the company, Burger King which is part of the QSR (Quick Service Restaurant), plans to open 10 -12 outlets in the next three months. 

In the last few weeks I had few conversations with few foodie groups and 'Burger King' is all that I'd hear. I did know there will be a mad rush and long ques since it opened last month. Delhi has an overabundance of well known food brands yet we will only flock to the American food-land. For me it sounded like a hangover of the early nineties when there were no foreign restaurants in India and the arrival of Mc Donald's, KFC and Pizza Hut seemed like divine.

Unique Culinaire

 17 Ajit Arcade, Kailash Colony, New Delhi

Shabby little road side Dhaba is the first impression you get when you see Culinaire and maybe you will ignore and keep driving on the main road. Do not do this.

Forget your candlelight dinners for one day and sit on the plastic chairs out in the open. They are more than happy to accommodate more and more people and take out their stash of chairs and tables. As for the food, you have a choice of Thai and Chinese.

The great thing about this place is that it's not classified by age. You will see families dining, college kids, office crowd during their lunch breaks and towards the evenings mostly people from PG's and Take away orders.

Cafe Moshe's at Palladium

 Ground Floor, Palladium Mall, Senapti Bapat Marg, Lower Parel Mumbai

Cafe Moshe’s occupies a section of Palladium’s lobby and quite unimaginative. It’s been furnished to relate a hotel lobby lounge with booths and bucket chairs dressed in dark upholstery. A lobby generally implies a wait, which is what I got at Cafe Moshe’s, which can seat about 80 people. Considering the meal I had there on a weekday afternoon, it was full. The fairytale ended there itself. 

Great Food Show Vs. Palate Fest - Delhi

The unforgettable Month of Recipes, Good Food and Merry making.

The Great Food Show, a great initiative and platform where professionals with diverse knowledge and backgrounds came and shared their knowledge and created a community that can look beyond and pump India onto the world of Pastry and a Culinary stage, took place on 22nd and 23rd November 2014. Enthusiastic Indian and International Chefs showcased their skills, techniques and demonstrated their signature dishes on a platform where food lovers, bloggers and common man could learn and indulge in a feast of culinary inspiration.

Spanish Olives

Spain and Olives have a love affair and a dating history and tradition of over 6000 years. With the advanced technology that is available, traders guarantee the highest level of food safety and quality. Spain has always been leading in the production and exportation of Olive and Olive Oil worldwide. There are about 30 varieties of Olives available in Spain, key regions being Andalusia which occupies the southern part of the peninsula and Extremadura. All the other regions like Picual which is a mountain region of Granada, produce a light bitter flavor while the Hojiblanca, olives from Malaga produce sweeter oils with a little spicy flavor. 

Green, Black, Natural Ripe

Interaceituna, is the inter - professional Table Olive Organization, recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture; Food and Environment. Their goal is to spread worldwide the benefits of using Olives in our daily meals. As we know, Spain ranks number 1 in the world for Olive cultivation in the International Olive Council (IOC). 

Have you been to Mexitup yet?

M 71, 1st Floor, M Block Market, Greater Kailash- 1, New Delhi

Woo your taste buds with Mexitup, an eatery joint inspired by US based Chipotle's (meaning smoked chili which is a smoke- dried jalapeno) Tex Mex cuisine which is often referred to as 
"Mexican Food" in US and Canada. 

Mexitup, opened in New Delhi, two and a half months back. This fast food joint has quick serving dining and offers a fixed menu. The two handsome Co-owners and Directors Mr. Akul Dhingra and Mr. Pushkar Chopra fell in love with "Mexican / Tex-Mex Food" when one of them spent few years in California. They were excited to bring the flavor and the freshness of ingredients to New Delhi, to feed the foodie souls in us. I was not able to meet Mr Pushkar, during my Lunch, but Mr Akul Greeted and Introduced himself. He was comforting and friendly while taking orders, serving, giving details and recommending us with suggestions for our order. Its not just the nice theme they have stuck to, but delivered the Cuisine as well. Kuddos to them! :-)

Taste like Home Food - Crystal

19, Easter Emporium, Near Wilson College, Chowpatty, Mumbai

"This quaint like little place overlooks the Chowpatty Beach and is a dream joint for every student in Mumbai, who crave for food which tastes like home food at affordable prices".

Crystal, is one of those places in Mumbai that has home style cooking at an external environment. It is opposite Chowpatty, near Wilson College, where you see people lined up for lip - smacking food and not for the view or anything else. Crystal could have given up its stature and become modern like other Irani Cafes have reinvented themselves with times, but their origin is their beauty. In the afternoon they open from 12 noon till 3:00 pm and you might also get a free table. However, if you arrive in the evening when they open from 7 pm till 10:30 pm, be prepared to que up for a little while. 
A canteen / mess type ambience with Plastic Chairs, Iron Tables and steel crockery. Fast service and the waiters are straight forward. Don't expect courtesy as you normally do while going to a restaurant. You will not get a place after 7.30 on weekends.

Lets get down to the Food -
When I stepped inside I could get clues to the kind of food I would have got here. We ordered the "Dal Makhani" , "Paneer Masala" , "Pav Bhaji" , "Paranthas" , "Roti" & their Famous "Kheer".

Buttered Roti's and Dal Makhani are the local favorites. I did not like much of the Paneer Masala though but loved the Pav Bhaji and ordered few extra Pav (Bun Bread).

If you are the one who needs air conditioner, folded napkins like a fine dining experience then this place is not recommended for you. The service here is very quick and the food is good.
As the old saying goes - Save the best for the last and they make it happen. Howsoever, full I was, I ordered their Trademark Kheer. Its a must must , must have. Highly recommended! I finished the entire bowl without thinking about my calories. I will get your money back if you tell me you did not like it. 

Conclusion - Damage to the pocket is minimal. For two people you pay Rs 200-500 apart from the generous tip. Excellent service. Manageable portions for two people. Well priced. No A.C and frills for ambiance. Non spicy, basic flavor preparations of food. Its closed on Monday. 

If you miss home food , you know where you can find it now! :-)

Gujju Flavor @ Swati Snacks

248, Karai Estate, Opposite Bhatia Hospital, Tardeo Road, Mumbai
Featured in Pocket Friendly Collection
A meal for two costs Rs. 500/- approximately.

40 years ago, a little restaurant started in Bombay. Food was cooked at home and served at the restaurant. Over the years, it has grown in size and reputation. Today it has become an institution with Additions to the Menu (so I've heard from people who have been going from the time it started), Hygiene, Quality, Delicacies, Service and Mouth- watering Gujju food (a cuisine which the Gujarati's eat at home).

The restaurant has become so popular and is frequently visited by Celebs. There is always a huge crowd waiting to get inside. They also provide catering services for weddings, etc. 

I happened to be in Bombay (Mumbai) to explore good places to eat and after a tough day, my relatives recommended we dine at "Swati Snacks" for dinner. We reached the venue at 8:30 pm on a Sunday. Like I said, huge crowd is always waiting to get inside. Seeing the crowd was a big turnoff for me and made me wonder what made these people wait so long to get inside a restaurant which serves the same cuisine which they eat at home. I mean what was the big deal ?!? And I found my answer...

Parking was not a problem as they have Valet Service to take care of the needful. 

The service is good and the staff smiles. Since I had heard so much about "Swati Snacks" already, I did not care to look at the snacks section of the menu (which contained South Indian dishes and Chaat) but my relatives ordered Gol Gappa also known as Puchhka / Pani Puri to which the first thought that came to my mind was that there are other better places in Mumbai to have it, until the plates were served!

Gol Gappa ( Puchhka / Pani Puri)

Crispy Puri is made from Semolina (Suji) or Wheat (Atta). Served with chilled mint flavored water. With Mint I could taste a lot of Coriander too (Dhaniya). The plate also contains Hot Ragda (it compliments the chilled mint water), Sprouts, Boiled Chickpeas (Kabuli Channa), small pieces of Potatoes mixed in very little chilly powder and Tamarind (Imli) Chutney (sauce). When my favorite "Panipuri wallah" is serving me these delightful little puri's one after the other, I go on eating till I get no more. This too was fairly Good! 

We then ordered the Panki Chatni. Its a corn pancake which is steamed between Banana leaves. Frankly, I have never had this before but now I understand why people love this traditional dish so much. Served with Green Chilly and Coriander Chutney. The uniqueness lies in its Flavor. Plus with the caliber with which it is spread on the Banana leaves so that when you remove the Panki from the leaves to eat, it comes out so smoothly that it melts in your mouth. It is so different that its certainly capitalizing on their secret Panki recipe. 

Panki Chatni
Panki from the Inside

After this, we ordered the Satpadi Roti - Gatta nu Shak, one of their most popular dish. Gatta being made of Besan (Gram Flour) Rolls in Curd Gravy. Satpadi Roti is made of Plain flour, coriander leaves and cooked with a lot of Ghee. Though I did not enjoy much of the Roti but I enjoyed the Gatta ki sabzi. Its spicy and gives a whole new taste. Takes time to make this Saag, as I recall my mother informing me about the procedure to cook this dish, back home. 

Satpadi Roti - Gatta nu shak

Ice Cream - The Ice creams at Swati are all freshly Hand - made and they do not pack for take - away. And believe me when I say that the staff is polite enough to tell that the ice - cream will start melting in less than 10 minutes and it is not a good idea.
We had the Seetafal Ice Cream, also known as sweet apple / custard apple, which again is very famous here and an excellent source of Vitamin A, C and Calcium :P
Simply WOW!!

Seetafal Ice Cream

I enjoyed every bit of the meal here. Since these were dishes one cannot find at regular joints. The ambiance is pleasant, cleanliness is evident and service is decent. I would really like to go again and so should you.

"Go again if you already have, go once if you have not already"

Feel Royal @ Maharaja Bhog

7/1, 1st Floor, Above ICICI Bank, Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore, Karnataka 560001
The Chain currently has over 7 outlets. 2 in Mumbai, 1 in Bangalore, 3 in Dubai and 1 in USA catering to the Traditional dining needs of India. 

I would really like to Thank Mr Rajender Singh - Guest Relation Manager. He was friendly, helped and supported me. This was my first visit to Bangalore and he gave me "Whats up" , the official lifestyle guide book of Bangalore. It was a Complimentary copy just for me. 

Maharaja Bhog, located close to the most famous Vittal Mallya's Mall, UB City. A pure vegetarian restaurant doing pretty well in terms of business for itself and having a niche for themselves. Parking is taken care with the Valet Service. The entrance to the place is through a basement of the building which houses a bank. The lift takes you directly to the restaurant. 

Waiting Area

The delightful Indian Ambiance is perfectly done to please your mood. A lot of detailing and attention is paid to the seating and the decor. The Chandeliers look lovely and the walls are upscale. They have a little Indian touch to the walls. Most of the Indian spices are framed separately. I called it the Indian Spice wall.

Spice Wall
Zoomed in Spice wall

The restaurant is known for their prominence when it comes to serving authentic Indian food from the North - west of our own country. I had only heard about it and had to give it a shot. So, undoubtedly I happened to be at the UB city mall when my window shopping spree ended and I walked by this place.

The cutlery is all of Brass, its huge and heavy. Its not like a run to the mill kind of place. They tag it as a "Premium Thali Restaurant" and I so agree to the tag now. I had always know Thali to have an enormous menu and this was no different.

The armed men (staff) starts by bringing a jug and a huge bowl for you to wash your hands.

The Food Affair - It starts with Rose Water, mixed with Lime juice as a welcome drink and Butter Milk. They then start filling up the plates with lucrative colorful food and apparently they do not take "NO" for an answer. 

For the Lunch, here is a list of what was served. The long list of items that I devoured on.

Farsans (snacks) - Two kinds - Rajasthani Mirchiwada and Khatta Dhokla, with mint and garlic chutneys. The Rajasthani Mirchiwada had spicy flavor which made it a great start to the meal.

The meal comprises of 5 vegetables.

# Sabzi (vegetables) - Five Kinds - Dal Bati Churma, Veg Jal Frai, Rajasthani Gawar, Aloo Rasawala, Jodhpuri Gatta. to be had with Indian breads - Fulka (roti), Satpadi Roti, Makai Rotla. My favorite out of the Sabzi's were Rajasthani gawar and Jodhpuri gatta. Though for me the gatta had a little extra salt, yet I had 2 - 3 servings more. Dal Batti Churma was the special dish served in the Thali. 

The 4 variations of Dal (Pulses).

# Dal (pulses) - Four Kinds - Rajasthani dal, Rajasthani kadhi, Gujarati dal, Gujarati kadhi. All of these were delicious. I did not favour the Gujarati dal and khichdi merely because it was sweet but the staff guided me to team it with something and then gorge. It was satisfying but did not gratify my taste buds. 

# Rice - Three Kinds - Plain rice, Khichdi, Curd rice. 

# Sweet - Two Kinds - Chana dal Halwa, Khiran. Right density and sweetness. An absolutely lip smacking Halwa (This is coming from a person who does not have a sweet tooth). 

Papad, chutneys and pickles always go without saying.

Rose Water

Premium Thali

Maharaja Bhog, aids to those hungry souls who come in with the thought of experimenting with food. A mini LCD screen on each table gives you an idea of what the menu for the day is. They have like 30 rotating menus which was such a fascinating fact. The staff is like soldiers. They know what they are doing and they do it well. They are super active. Before you know they appear from nowhere and know when the plates need refilling. Like I said, they do not take "NO" for an answer up to the point where they see you struggle in agony which ironically is convinced here by ecstasy or bliss. 

A meal for one costs Rs 349 + taxes. A Maharaja bhog thali for kids costs Rs 199 + taxes. Need I say more? 

It was indeed a meal of the Kings (That Royal Feel) and the whole experience made me feel on seventh heaven. There is nothing that goes wrong here. They manage to nail every dish, hospitality and service. A perfect place for family outings for Lunch / Dinner to gorge on some sumptuous feast. Go and give this restaurant a try! 

On a scale of Food I would give them an 8.5!

Le Déjeuner with Cafe Noir

Featured in Great Coffee and Great Breakfast Collections
Cafe Noir, Bengaluru

Cafe at the Airport
Cafe Noir, one of the most sophisticated kind of place I visited for the 1st time in an unknown City, Bengaluru, that made me harmonize into the music that played, the wonderful colors of Macroons, catch up with the thoughts in my head in the most comforting and spacious environment, the airport. 

I have heard this cafe is always buzzing with people and one has to be very lucky to find place. I was at the Vittal Mallya's UB City Mall too, but was not lucky enough to find a seat. My wishlist hence had the cafe added for my next visit to Bengaluru. 

The two day trip came to an end. My work was completed and I had packed my bags to go back home, Delhi. My flight was at 5:25 pm and I reached the airport by 1 pm because I was told to keep a buffer of 2 hours when traveling within the city. While stepping out of the cab at the airport, I spotted this Cafe again. Being a foodie and receiving recommendations to try the place out, I was not able to stop myself when I saw empty seats. Seemed like my Luck had turned! :-)


The staff is friendly and serves you at the table. They will help you place your order when you are confused reading their big display menu which is tucked at the corner of the cafe while your stomach is growling with hunger.

Big Display Menu

And just below the Display Menu are shelves placed with Sandwiches, Desserts and Salads. 

After a lot of thought and reading the entire menu board I finally made up my mind and ordered a Vegetarian Arrabiata Penne. I was starving by this time and wanted something to fill my stomach. 
The pasta dish is a spicy homemade Tomato and Basil Sauce, Olive topped with Parmesan Cheese and fresh Basil Leaves served with their Garlic Bread which is more like a  long slice of Toast. 

Arrabiata Penne

I loved it, le Déjeuner. The Arrabiata sauce was so fresh. It had the right quantity of  herbs. A little more cheese and a little more pinch of chilly would have made the dish Just perfect for me, yet I enjoyed the real taste of how it was cooked and served. The Basil leaves made the dish light and enjoyable. I had dived myself with every bite that now while I sit with my laptop and a cup of coffee writing this, I feel hungry and would want to have it again n again.. I walked up to the counter to order some Iced tea, but the thirst I knew would not have been quenched. The staff smiled and knew I am in deep thoughts again and probably he figured out I will miss my flight :P 
Alright, I will have some normal water to go please. "Perfect, water is the best option, you seem to be health conscious Ma'am" with a big smile on his face. 

It was now 2:45 pm and I had to check in my luggage. If I had time I would have sat there for an hour more and had some Dessert or a Sandwich. I have also heard their Breakfast Menu is very good. So now I will wait for my Luck to turn around again so that I can visit Bengaluru and dine at Cafe Noir. The only thing is I have no idea when that will happen.. 
Tell me if I am pushing my Luck by asking if Cafe Noir has any plans of opening an outlet in Delhi? Am I ... ? 
I would be Lucky to have you in my own City.. because I for one am sure to be a regular customer at the Cafe :-)

Kitchen of Punjab

Punjab Grill
2nd Floor, Food Court
Select City Mall, Saket
New Delhi  


My Special Thank You's to Mr. Anand Singh - Sous Chef, Mr. Deepak Mishra - Manager, Mr. Anil Sen - Asst. Manager, Mr Pankaj & Mr. Bhagat -Service. 
Without the support, guidance, recomendations and complimentary dishes - beverages, our Lunch would not have been so Comforting, Enchanting, Delicious & Wonderful!

Punjab Grill, a restaurant that has won several critic awards, is a perfect example for fine dining. The decoration and the furnishings that are used at this restaurant are Jazzy and Impeccable. A relaxed atmosphere compliments the place perfectly.

The lighting is perfect. Open kitchen and cheerful young servers, makes the restaurant flow with positive energy. Tables are well prepared and neatly set. When they seat you, they make sure that they place a small black bowl with a white tablet inside and pour few drops of water. The tablet immediately unfolds into a roll to become a Wet Tissue, for you to wipe and clean your hands before you start to nibble on the onion and mint chutney, which is placed after. Something I experienced for the first time at a North Indian Restaurant and absolutely liked the idea.

Wet Tissue
They have a lavish Buffet display and offer Ala Carte too. The buffet usually costs around Rs.1000/- which is good only if you have the stomach to gorge. 
The Buffet begins at a counter that has little glasses ( like the ones we have for tequila shots), just that its not tequila but Red (Tamarind) and Green (Mint) water and topped with Gol Gappas, also known as Puchh-kas. I liked the unique way they used to display them.

Gol Gappa / Puchhka

While enjoying the Gol Gappas, we were each given a complimentary dish, Dahi Bhalla. Dahi was light and mixed with Indian spices like Secale cereale (rye), Cumin (jeera) and salt. The bhalla's were made from the grounding of Yellow Pulse, fried and then dipped in curd. 

Dahi Bhalla

Soon we placed our Main Course order that consisted of Dal Punjab Grill, Amritsari Malai Kofta. 
Breads - Tandoori Roti and Lachha Parantha. 
They recommended us to order Mock-tails and we ordered two and got 1 mock-tail complimentary. 

Dal Punjab Grill

A delicacy of Urad (pulse), simmered overnight in mustard oil. Finished with tomato puree, cream and tempered with lots of butter. The Dal had perfect blend of spices and is the best. Just that its a little heavy, so go easy on this dish as their portions are big.  
Amritsari Malai Kofta, had a lil sweet taste in the end. So after my meal, I walked up to the counter to have a word with the Chef. He explained why the sweet taste made the dish different from the other restaurants. It actually made sense when he told me the secret ingredient which one usually skips in knowing. Creamy Paneer (cottage cheese), the Kofta is stuffed with a delicate blend of cloth cream, Pistachios, Sage and Green Chillies. It is then simmered in flavorsome and cashew-nut gravy which is passed into a pleasing pungency with Fennel (Sauf) and Fenugreek (Methi). The secret ingredient is the Onion. The paste is used while making the gravy. Its the Onion that adds the sweetness in the end. Thank you Chef, Anand Singh, for providing the information and increasing my knowledge :)

With the main course, they gave us a basket full of Papad (Papadum) which is crispy disc shaped typically made from black gram, either fried or roasted. Served as an accompaniment with Indian meals.

Mock-tails Ordered :- Ginger Caprioska ( unusual combination of ginger and lemon chunks muddled with brown sugar in soda. Would rate it as 3 out of 5.
Meetha Patta Mojito ( Kolkata paan patta and rose petal preserve Mojito) A recommendation and a must try. Each flavor had its timing of taste in every sip. Loved it!
Melon Moon was served to us as a Complimentary Beverage. Fresh watermelon muddled with lime chunks and mint topped with grape juice. I thought it would be very very sweet, but it was not. Perfectly blended! 

Ginger Caprioska

Meetha Patta Mojito

Melon Moon

Though we did not have the Buffet. Yet I clicked few pictures after seeking permission from Mr Deepak Mishra - Manager. He most willingly guided and helped me.

Few Pictures - 

Even with the crowd, the staff at Punjab Grill, patiently co-operated and helped while I was clicking pictures. It was like there is someone to give all the information that you require. Very friendly and pleasant staff, must say. I have a voucher now, so I will be visiting the restaurant again to try the dishes displayed at the buffet :)

Aha, did I hear you whispering, what about desserts? :P 


If you like Indian Food, you will most certainly fall in Love with the flavors of Punjab Grill. The Chef's are class apart. Service is brilliant and they take care of each and every customer. They really know their business. A must try. An absolute Paradise for Punjabi's. 

Overall experience : 
Service - 4.5/5
Food - 5/5
Ambience - 5/5

Thumbs up! :-)

Bon Appetite @ Side Wok

Side Wok
N- 11 Greater Kailash - 1, New Delhi

Chinese is a weakness and Side Wok never, never fails to appease! It has become the favorite place for family. 

As soon as you enter the staff greets, asks for the number of people and takes you to your table to be seated. They smile and bring you the Menu Book. Warm welcome! They do not make tall claims of being the most fancy restaurant in the capital city, but they ensure and promise to make your meal comfortable like its at your home. 


While you select, order and wait for your starters, they bring "Kim-chi" to your table. Also spelled as "Kim-chee" or "Gim-chi", a Korean side dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings. Usually spicy and sour. The variety consists of Cabbage, Radish, Scallion or Cucumber. Not all Chinese restaurants serve Kim-chi, that is why, Side Wok satisfies all your cravings for Chinese. 

We ordered the "Som Tum" (Raw Papaya Salad) and Grilled Vegetables in Teriyaki Sauce. 

Som Tum (Raw Papaya Salad)
This is my favorite salad and I am a big fan of this dish. Although its a Thai dish made using fish sauce. But I prefer the Vegetarian flavor as its spicy and sweet. It has lots of Garlic and Chopped Peanuts. Served cold on a bed of Lettuce and grated Carrot. Do not go on the quantity, I was not able to resist myself when it was served. And then I realized I had to click a picture *winks*

Grilled Vegetables in Teriyaki Sauce
Ordered it for the first time. Vegetables like Broccoli, Radish, Zucchini, Mushroom, Yellow and Red Pepper, Eggplant are glazed in soy sauce and sugar. "Teri" means lust or shine given by the sugar content and "Yaki" is the cooking method. Little ginger is added too and finally served with Green Onions. I was glad to have ordered this dish as it gave me a different taste.

Main Course:

Chilly Garlic Noodles
Vegetables in Schezwan Sauce

Chilly Garlic Noodles very apt. A spicy touch to the regular noodles. Chili oil , garlic and chilies enhances the flavors. 

The vegetables in Schezwan Sauce is a Chef's recommendation. Go easy on this one if you are not a Chilly fan. Its a lip-smacking. Fiery, Tangy, Colorful. A perfect blend of sweet, spicy, sour flavors. The only vegetable in this dish, I could not eat, Eggplant. Seriously, why?

We asked them to serve us the Chinese Tea as the combination of Chilly Garlic Noodles with the vegetables in Schezwan sauce left a tingling feeling on the tongue. 

Chinese Tea

A beverage made from the leaves of the Tea Plant (Camellia) and boiled water. Its drunk throughout the day and during the meals as well. A substitute for normal water usually drunk for health or for pleasure. 

Towards the end of this wholesome meal, a raised glass bowl with fortune cookies, were kept in the center of our table. Its made of flour, sugar, vanilla and sesame seed oil and a piece of paper with fortune wrapped inside. 

Fortune Cookies
Our dinner came to an end with words of wisdom from the Fortune Cookies.