Authentic Vegetarian

Veg Gulati
8 Pandara Road Market
New Delhi, India

The Entrance
Delhi has a huge Vegetarian community that is not comfortable dining in a restaurant that serves Non - Vegetarian food too.
"So Veg Gulati is the Vegetarian brother of Gulati".
Nestled within a quiet section of Pandara Market, situated is Veg Gulati, which serves special and authentic Indian Delights.

The menu is vast. For a moment you will forget that it has only Vegetarian dishes. I was there with my close knitted family members. We were lucky that there was no waiting and were brought to the first table of the restaurant by Mr. Kamal, who was in-charge of looking after us. He gave full attention to every detail and was friendly.

On the left was a wall that was decorated with "Mor (Peacock) Pankh (feather). Peacock feather is usually signified religiously to Lord Krishna. It was noticed once we were all seated and comfortable.

Mor Pankh

Food -

The starters were spectacular. We ordered. Paneer Aachari, Matar Kebab, Aam Panna, Sweet and Salty Lemonade.

The Aachari Paneer was excellent. Paneer was very soft and they used the right quantity of the Aachar (Pickle) Masala (spices), making it tangy and aromatic. 

Paneer Aachari
Have you ever eaten Matar Kebabs? Seriously speaking from experience, normally one gets green kebabs made of spinach. But these were made from Matar (Peas) like literally! Though they were a little bland, so if you add some Green chutney, it tastes better. 

Matar Kebab
Ah, talk about the Aam Panna. We wanted Aam Panna with sugar-free. Mr Kamal apologised for the inconvienence and said that though they do not provide sugar-free, he ensured that he would get the Aam Panna made with less sugar. And as promised by him, our ordered Aam Panna was delicious. Also, the lemonade was prepared well.

Aam Panna
Main Course - Dal Makhani , Malai Kofta, Breads (Amritsari Lachhedar Parantha, Buttered Nan, Lachha Parantha and Kadak Tandoori Roti)

Dal Makhani was presentable. Mr Kamal asked the waiter to serve us. He then came to our table and said, "if any food item is not up-to your taste, he would return it to the kitchen and ask the chef to customize the dish according to our preference and taste". But we enjoyed the authentic taste the chef had prepared. A little ginger was added too. Different and unique.

Dal Makhani
Malai Kofta was average. Though this was my first try. The Koftas were very soft and creamy. The curry had a tablespoon of cream and was perfectly made from Grinded Cashewnuts.

Malai Kofta
Breads - Very soft and filling.

Overall Experience - Thank you Mr Kamal for making our dinner experience enjoyable, comfortable and meeting all our demands (except for the sugar-free, which I think was not such a big deal) 
Thank you Veg Gulati for such a sumptuous dinner experience. I will make sure that my friends get to know about how authentic and good Indian food Veg Gulati serves. The staff is knowledgeable to suggest best dishes according to taste. They have an amazing in depth knowledge about the food served, and about combinations that would go together. The service and hospitality was immaculate. Also, They have an eye on every table and act accordingly. 

Rating - 5 / 5