Thadi at Hauz Khas

Hauz Khas Village
New Delhi, India

Lake View
Hauz (water – tank) Khas (royal ) – “The Royal Tank”.  Located in South Delhi, this place traces back to the 13th Century, houses a water tank. A mosque, a tomb and pavilions built around an urbanized village. I am talking about the Sultanate reign. Then in the 80’s , Hauz Khas Village was developed as an upper class for commercial as well as for the residential area in the metropolis of South Delhi, India. It has now become an expensive tourist attraction with numerious art galleries, boutiques and restaurants. The lake looks very beautiful with Ducks quacking.
“It is said you are not a true Delhiite if you haven’t visited the Hauz Khas Village”
I happened to have “Thadi” in my wishlist from a long time. And one afternoon just decided to visit the place. Though when you reach the village, it is a big hassle to find parking. Anyhow we found a good space to park and then walked our way towards the village. You know you are in Hauz Khas when you spot youth roaming hand in hand with their girl / boy friends, hippies, college goers etc.
We had to ask our way around to reach. It goes a long dark passage with iron stairs to finally reach your destination “Thadi”.

View from Thadi

A gang of people of around 5- 6 of them and with their Guitar, too were looking for Thadi and they came followed us. The first impression that came to mind after seeing them was that they must have come post college hours to grab a bite.
When you enter the restaurant this is the first thing you notice.


I belong to an artistic family. There is suffient amount of art in my blood to understand paintings and anything “Art” related. This Graffiti wall caught my attention. Funny images of a woman with an Octopus and Sun surrounding it made me get real close to the wall to enjoy the designs.
 It became difficult to decide whether to be seated indoors or outdoors and enjoy the view of the Lake. Do not expect a huge dining area. It just has 3 to 4 Gadda’s on the floor to eat the Indian style. A glass square table outside on the terrace with 2 to 3 stools to sit. It was humid. So after clicking a few pictures, before the sun set, we sat outdoors and then shifted indoors in the air conditioner.
Keep in mind not to keep high expectations for Thadi. They opened this place maybe to turn a residential property to a commercial restro. The inside room has a counter from where you place your orders. The good thing about the place so far, was that one can connect ones ipod, phone to select the song you wish to hear while enjoying conversation and food with your group of friends.

Food -

We ordered some Mojito’s (mocktail) , Cheese herbed toasts and Chicken Maggi and Chicken Pasta.

Mojito – Blue , Classic and Italian Smooch. I had the Italian Smooch. It was a little too sweet for me so I had to ask them to put a little extra lemon juice.


Soon the toasts and the Chicken Maggi arrived. Steaming hot and the view of cheese dripping from the Toast made us even more hungry. The minute the dish landed on the table, within seconds, we grabbed our bites. But Alas! The toasts failed to meet its taste. It was merely cheese and sprinkled with Chilly flakes on the top. Bad, is the word. I was not able to take another bite. Yet, somehow we finished them. But our expectations for the Maggi and the Pasta literally dropped.

Cheese Toast

We kept moving to and fro to the terrace and the air conditioning room. The group of people who entered with us had started playing their Guitar and singing. They played my favourite song “Teri Galliyan” from the recent movie “Ek Villain”. The air became musical with some scenic beauty and light conversations covered the entire evening.
Maggi and Pasta were served soon. Due to the time we were at Thadi , we were so hungry that we missed clicking pictures. Everyone with their forks were ready to dive in and eat.  So the overall experience of the food was very average.

The mocktail – 2.5 / 5
Toasts – 1 / 5
Chicken Maggi – 3 / 5
Chicken Pasta – 3 / 5
Overall, it was a wonderful evening. I can GaGa over Hauz Khas among friends. Everyday there are atleast 2 to 3 new restaurants at HK and now I will make sure to keep exploring new ones.

Tip: When you are at Thadi, make sure you do not keep high expectations for a large dining area. It’s a small place for college students to hang around during / post college hours. Also , keep in mind the manager here is a little moody. So even if it is a Saturday evening and you wish to sit here for a longer duration, you’d be asked to pay your bill and leave, since they can close at 7:30pm.