The HRC Delight

The Stage
 Hard Rock Cafe
 M 110 1st Floor, DLF Place Mall, Saket , New  Delhi , India

 “Awesome is the word that best describes this    cafe. With Live Music, Karaoke Nights,  Concerts and Amazing Menu”.

Let me begin step by step.

One can easily spot the place as it has a huge logo. At the entrance is the International souvenir shop. Dont expect to get cheap prices. The name of the cafe justifies itself when you step inside, There are huge musical instruments mounted on the walls. No wall is lonely. Bob Marley photo’s and all those musicians and singers have their pictures with wonderful taglines. A perfect theme with a high wooden stage and seating area all around.

Picture of a Singer

The staff greets you at the entrance and looks after your requirements till you leave the cafe. Hospitality is at the top always. They introduce themselves and then cater to all your orders. The little gestures they make with their smiles, makes the environment light and joyful and comfortable. I was here with my cousin younger brother, sister and a friend. We had fooled our brother that HRC only allows a couple entry, and he has no other option but to go with us. Poor brother, still unaware of the truth! And I dont even feel bad about it. Naive, yep, thats me.

Food - 
We ordered the signature dish of HRC. 
“JumboCombo Its a must, must , must have”. On a big round plate are onion rings, baked cheese toasts, cheese and corn stuffed balls with their respective sauces. On the middle of this plate is a round glass with a tangy dip. The dip is cooked using lots of cabbage, black olives and small tomatoes like fruit and mayo. Surrounding the sauce are long thin spring rolls. If you miss the JumboCombo, you haven’t really had a Rockin’ experience.
Jumbo Combo

The next dish that came was “Noodles with Prawns.” I am not much of a Prawn fan. I will need someone who could company me to get the hang / the taste of prawns. This dish was enjoyed by my sister and her friend. Meanwhile, my brother and I enjoyed clicking pictures of the Cafe and our Conversations.

Noodles with Prawns

We also ordered “Chicken Wings”. This dish is served with two sauces and serves 3 big pieces on lettuce. The chicken wings are deep fried and has lots of butter which makes it crispy as well as juicy at the same time!

Chicken Wings

Overall Experience :- A value for money!
Rating :-  5 / 5