Nostalgic Dishes with Phantom Ciggies, Fatafat - Nukkadwala at Saket by Vatika Group

No matter how many restaurants / cafes open everyday, street food beats them all. Nukkadwala, after a perfect spin in Gurgaon, opened its door in PVR Complex, Saket. So to speak, street food will be in every nukkad. They plan to expand and open more outlets. Kamla Nagar, DLF Cybercity and Faridabad are on their priority list. And very soon Bengaluru too.

New on the Menu : Burger - Pizza Introduced by Domino's

Burger Pizza
Domino's, the worlds largest Pizza Brand launches its fusion of Burger Pizza. The question is will it last in the Burger Kingdom?

L' Exclusif Range from Godrej - Nature's Basket

FBAI & Godrej Natures Basket, send sample to Review

Godrej Nature’s Basket has their very own brand of premium Gourmet products called L’Exclusif and Food Bloggers Association of India took the initiative to send me a sample box full of Goodies. 

L'Adresse Kitchen & Bar, Rajouri Garden

L'Adresse, is just one month old, attempts to bridge the clear difference between West Delhi and South Delhi. Fancy French Restaurants are always ideal when it comes to dining with your best friend. Also, ideal to have a date lunch / dinner. This quaint little place is Elegantly designed interiors.  L'Adresse, located opposite Wave Cinema, has Aquamarine colored doors with flowers and bushes arrangement on the exteriors.

Tashan of Indian Food

Tashan, dont we all just want to live a life with it. Restaurant owner, Akshay Adya opened Tashan in Greater Kailash Part 2 Market and he takes the word, very seriously. Read further to know how he is successful in winning hearts through his food, his tale of passion and how he is following his dream.  (which by the way is my favorite thing in the world)

Unplugged Courtyard - Connaught Place

We have seen a lot of food spots and rooftops sprouting recently in the heart of the city. Newest game changer in the town is, Unplugged Courtyard, creating a buzz in the market.

Unplugged flaunts of a huge open area with a neem tree in the center and brick clad walls all around. The area is used for Live Performances and Gigs at night.

Swagath - Family Restaurant and Bar

Gamberi Soup
Swagath does not need any introduction to food experts in the National Capital. Much like its ancestor Sagar Ratna, Swagath opened its doors in Defence Colony in 2001. 

The cuisines "Indian Mughlai, Chettinad, Manglorean, Malabari and Chinese are innovative. The staff is friendly, attentive to even minute details and prompt. They are confident in what they deliver and the confidence shines brightly in their cheerful smiles maintaining the right balance in Hospitality, Hygiene and Cleanliness.

Shraman The Ashok Restaurant

A Vegetarian Restaurant that is located in the Hotel, Ashok. For all my fans who have been craving 100% Vegetarian Food (without Onion & Garlic), tis the place to be. You can even visit it during your Fasts and Navratras. They serve cuisines ranging from Gujarati, Rajasthani, North Indian, Marwari and Jain.

The decor is naturally Rajasthani with a thrilling Peacock protruding from a wall. The interiors are done up in Turquoise and Silver and gives the vibe of a old palace dine in with mirrors everywhere.

Aphrodisiac Bar in Delhi - Hotmess

 Delhi, welcomes its one of kind Aphrodisiac bar "HotMess" that serves innovative head spinning drinks and lip smacking food. Keeping in mind the beauty of Middle Circle Connaught Place, owner Akshay Anand and Bhupinder Singh, welcome customers with its chic interiors. 

The Interiors are a mix of modern and rustic colors. Interesting creatives and huge artistic paintings adorn the walls. The most eye catching thing is their bar, which is slanting and huge. As you step in, the large room is tinted in low pink lighting with blingy chandeliers.

Places I visited in Jaipur - Pink City

Jaipur is the first planned city of India, located in the dessert lands of Rajasthan. The city that was once the capital of the royalty, now serves as the Capital of Rajasthan. Presently, Jaipur is the major business center. The city is painted in pink, grasps the appreciation of every visitor. One can see that charm all over the place.

The city comprises of famous structures like Hawa MahalCity Palace and Amber Fort which is the best example of architectures in India. Artistic temples and gardens in Jaipur, make the atmosphere of serenity. All these features make Jaipur one of the most sought after tourist destinations. It is a resort of Indian Culture, Traditions, Civilization, Hospitality and Legacy.

From Delhi, Jaipur lies at a distance of 300 kms and is well connected.

Homemade Nimboo ka Achar

Lemon Pickle is a delicious partner for Indian meals. Nimboo ka achar (lemon pickle) is a digestive solution. If you have it with food then it helps in digesting your food faster.

Indian cuisine consists of numerous regional cuisines. There is a diversity in soil, climate, culture and occupation. Therefore these regional cuisines differ from each other mainly because of the use and availability of herbs, spices, vegetable and fruits. Indian food as I see is mainly influenced by the choices of religion, tradition and culture.

January and February are the only months when vegetables like Broccoli, Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower and Citrus fruits are the cheapest. Even though our citrus fruits are a new entry, the best is available during these months.

Delicious Pan Asian Gourmet Food - Asian Haus

Asian Haus, located in South Delhi's East of Kailash Colony has a promising menu of Pan Asian delicacies with Japanese, Indonesian, Malaysian and Singaporean. While they cater to small and big orders, there is no dine - in option available. They are a gourmet delivery service.

The packing is very good. Every little detail plays an important role when packing food for a home delivery and Asian Haus, does it well. They make conscious effort to reduce sugar, oil, preservatives and artificial flavors like MSG that are used in Asian cooking.

Jung Bahadur Kachori Wala

Established in the year 1940, tucked in the lanes of Kinari Bazar is this tiny shop that serves only one dish - Urad Dal Kachori. 

Jung bahadur Kachori wala is one of the most popular Kachori Wala, who makes the most affordable kachoris. They are served in a patta with the spiciest aloo sabzi. Believe me when I say its the hottest aloo sabzi. 
Its not chatpata, its SPICY!

Pan Asian Cuisine - Newly Opened Asia Central in Shahpur jat

Asia Central, a new restaurant, located in Shahpur Jat, opened its doors in Mid January. The name itself calls for authentic flavors from all over Asia, like Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Malaysian.

Suggested by some foodie buddies, I gave it a shot and ordered some food. Being a home delivery, the only thing that may give worry is the packing. However, Asia Central's food containers are ensured to be packed in such a way that they do not spill. Each container is packed with zero spillage, stacked in a cardboard box which also has a brown paper envelope with two sets of chopsticks and tissues.

Get Farzified in CP

The word "Farzi" has many meanings, but at Farzi Cafe it has just one - creating an impression / magic with its food

Main focus is the gourmet diner as well as the youth of Delhi. A place where people can enjoy food from the finest and the freshest ingredients, catch up with friends, conduct meetings and spend some time away from their crazy day to day lives. With its quirky yet chic, modern Indian cafe concept, people experience food that uses elements of molecular gastronomy. The generous dose of flavours where culinary art meets molecular gastronomy is sure to absorb you into a gastronomic magic. The chefs here will show that you have been cooking like cavemen all your lives but the foam, powders and fumes from their lab kitchen is a complete surrender.

Gajar Ka Halwa - Winter Dessert

Gajar (Carrot) is a traditional Punjabi Dessert primarily made from carrots and milk. Gajar ka Halwa is delicious when served warm or cold.

Ingredients --

1 kg shredded carrots
500 ml milk
4 tablespoon of butter
2 cups sugar
100 gm Khoya ( to garnish)
3 - 4 chopped and roasted cashew nuts (to garnish)

Method --

1. Boil the milk on medium heat until it is reduced to about 250 ml. Stir often to make sure milk does not burn or stick to the bottom of the pan. You can now set the milk pan aside.
2. Melt butter in a pan on medium heat.
3. Add shredded carrots and stir fry for about 9 minutes.
4. Carrots must be tender and should change in color.
5. Now add milk and cook until it dries. This will take another 10 minutes. Stir often.

Apple Fritters Fry

Yes, fried. I understand how the thought of frying can be scary for all calorie conscious people. Yet I did experiment, going against the trend set for 2016. I have been there and back (of disliking myself for doing so) :P

Shall share a Recipe soon that does not involve frying.

Though this is the shortest Recipe, there are Tips to make sure that you move smoothly all along.

Lets start with Apples. Slice apples from the center and cut in ring shaped. Do not peel the skin. Make sure to de- seed them with the help of a cutter. Submerge these apples in ice cold water with 2 teaspoons of lemon juice to prevent them from browning. You can also do this a night before so the apples are ready to go when you fry them.