Cafe Tesu, Essex Farms

Let's welcome Cafe Tesu, near Essex Farms with arms wide open. It promises perfect blend of Coffee, Food, Art and Imagination. They take their commitment of serving Coffee & Tea very seriously, which is quite evident from their four page menu of beverages. If you are a coffee addict, then this is the place to be. Cafe Tesu, has a range of hot n cold brews infused with Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Whisky & Rum, which is sourced from a brand named 'Devi' from Goa. You can get a French press or get a pour over at your table too. Add this to your bucket list / favorites. I have done too as I indulged in a cold brew on my visit, one early winter morning. Because I like coffee in the morning to kick start my day.

More of a Tea Drinker? Sip their signature blends of Rose petals or Tesu flowers. The teas are all done up by 'Anandini Himalaya Tea' , so you know you will be taken care of.

EN - The Best Japanese Restaurant in Delhi

When it comes to true and authentic Japanese food, there is only one place where you should head to - En. Located in Mehrauli, surrounded by charming trees and a lit up Qutab Minar as a backdrop. This artsy, intricate place with a beautiful rooftop, delicate interiors sets the mood for a romantic dinner which makes the visit even more worthwhile. Its a great place to enjoy Japanese food.

Head to Kylin Experience for Pan Asian Delicacies

For Pan Asian Delicacies, head to the newly opened Kylin Experience in Greater Kailash N Block Market 1.

Bringing forth the best oriental cuisine from classic sushi rolls to wholesome healthy salad bowls, traditional dim sums to delicious meal bowls. They are making a mark among all Asian food lovers.

Colorful and Aromatic bylanes of Punjab - The Patiala Kkitchen, Noida Sector 18

The Patiala Kkitchen will transport you to a colorful and aromatic bylanes of Punjab. There is no spot here that is left blank. Spread across two floors with attractive hues, a huge seating space and prompt staff.

#Nofilter is Back with Some Great New Additions to the Menu

Some of you may have been regulars at this beautiful cafe located in SDA Market and must have been drifted when it shut about a year ago. Good News - No Filter is Back. I would not say it has transformed, but it definitely has new additions to the Menu.


At first, you might feel that Tsui Wong looks like an age old place and wonder what can they offer to pleasure the palate. But then considering that they have been around for more than 40 years, something must be out of the ordinary.

Magic, In-between slices of Bread.

If you happen to be passing by Vasant Kunj and want to grab a quick bite, make sure to take a pit stop at Big Fat Sandwich. Also known as BFS, Big Fat Sandwich serves genuine American cuisine and is primely located at Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj. 

At BFS, You can choose from a wide array of sandwiches and customize them to a certain extent. BFS is one of the rare few joints where you have 7 bread choices for your sandwiches.

A Crave Buster for Indian Food - Patiala Tigers

The most loved European Bistro, Zu Tisch is now shut. I know we are all going to miss those Karoke Nights and German Sausages. It was a good hub for meetings and hanging out with friends. We are all going to miss it.. But look on the brighter side, there's one thing to be happy about.

After a huge success at 'The Palate Fest' this year, this new venture is a crave buster for Indian food offering delicious grilled meat. Its called "Patiala Tigers" and is run by the same team that brought Fat Lulu's to the city. We gorged on Talli Chicken infused with garlic, butter and rum based sauce at the Palate Fest and could not wait for them to open their outlet close by.

Indulge in Armenian Delights At Lavaash by Saby

Lavaash, is considered one of the oldest forms of bread which is fire baked flatbread from Armenia.The Armenian society in West Bengal goes back 300 years. While growing up, Chef Sabyasachi Gorai (also populary known as Chef Saby) studied in schools of Armenia and it was only months later after a thorough research, the talented young chef was transforming the kitchens of Olive. It was then, when he decided to start something of his own.

Passion, Art and Love are the keywords here. Both Chef Saby and Chef Megha are passionate, hard working and pay attention to fine details. They love what they do and it shows perfectly.

The Three Best Neapolitan Pizzas at Fat Lulu's

Pizza that originated in Naples, Italy is known as Neapolitan Pizza. With simple, basic and fresh ingredients like a basic dough, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and olive oil. One of the main characteristics of a Neapolitan or Napoletana pizza is that often there is ample amount of sauce than cheese, leaving the center a bit soggy. This is the main reason why Neapolitan Pizzas are small in sizes (about 10-12 inches).

Neapolitan Pizza typically consists of a soft crust (if cooked properly at a high temperature), the crust will bubble up and be charred in spots when they are topped with simple tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese and fresh basil.

A Night at Pier 38 - Bar & Kitchen

Pier 38 is a Kitchen n Bar situated at Cyber Hub, Gurgaon. Well, to be honest, it’s much more than just a Kitchen n Bar. From the house that gave us Soi 7, Pier 38 was launched in January 2017. They are one of the few places where you can find cuisines like Persian, Arabian, Lebanese for a rocking night.

Family Dhaba in Noida Sector 18

Dhaba at Atta (sector 18 noida) is a perfect guide of the highway based theme serving delectable food from North India. A great addition and a place you can count on for good food, at sector 18.

Bombay Food, Delhi Streets - Authentic Bombay Street Food at Satyaniketan

Bombay Brunch is predominantly an authentic Bombay Street Food Café which offers the true taste and feel of staple Bombaiya food in Delhi.

Placed between the clutter of Satyaniketan and surrounded by various cafes and food joints, yet Bombay Brunch stands out. It’s like the diamond in the rough. 

Tame your Sweet Tooth Even with Diabetes

With enough tweaks in your daily intake of food, there's no reason you can't have a slice of pie, ice cream sundae, puddings, chocolates etc with Diabetes. Its simply a matter of alloting yourself with enough carbs. However, if those chocolate bars or the Gulab Jamun wont stop calling or you can't go two hours without a bite, you may need help with your sweet tooth cravings. 

A Calm Oasis midst all chaos that go hand in hand at Hauz Khas Village

Yes, our very own favorite Yeti has recently re opened in Hauz Khas Village. 

Yeti, the Himalayan Kitchen is best known for Nepalese, Bhutanese, Sikkim & Tibetan cuisine. The Himalayan Range is so vast that Yeti covers all places situated in the Himalayas. 

Gluten Free, Vegan, Carb Free and Totally Organic Breakfast at The Altitude Cafe

People love to eat. Well, at least they do for Lunch, Dinner and snacks. Breakfast, however, can be a different story. Whatever happened to that adage advice to "Start the day with a Hearty Breakfast?"

These days, many of us either don't eat at all or we grab an apple, buttered toast, rush to our work places to wash it down with caffeine. Or if we have time, we may swing by the local fast food joint for whatever we get our hands on to save time. Just for a minute, stop, breathe and think. Is this what our bodies really need to get us going in the morning?

A Chocolate Fudge A Day, Keeps Cravings At Bay

Outlier Foods, a young startup based in Gurgaon, has recently launched a brand of Gourmet Chocolate Fudge, Decadenz. Their main mission is to make Chocolate exciting for Indians all over again, combining international taste & constant innovation. 

The outstanding Sangam Courtyard at RK Puram is a perfect location for brands

Sangam Food Courtyard is a perfect location for brands. People in cars and at a restaurant tables have moaned for a while now, about going out for a meal translates into enduring a traffic jam or suffer torturous parking.

R K Puram is still at the game to be accepted as or even considered one of Delhi's food centric neighbourhood. But its hard for those enthusiastic eaters to not be flattered when they have brands like Diva, The Fatty Bao, Nueva, Delhi Club House & Ziu competing for attention. 

A Herb That Heals - Amazing Health Benefits of Neem Flower

Geneticists, chemical engineers, pharmacists and dieticians could not have produced a more valuable tree than Neem (Azadirachta indica). For many people worldwide, neem is priceless due to its numerous medicinal properties. It is such a cherished tree that in Sanskrit it has 31 descriptions. The tree is revered as a manifestation of goddess Durga. 

QD's - Every Diners Paradise

The first thing that caught my eye was the name of the Restaurant: QD's

Out of curiosity I asked our server what QD’s stands for? There was no such explanation that I could get.

But if I have to define QD's– I will call it - Quintessentially Diverse.

A sensory afternoon at PA PA YA, Select Citywalk Mall, Delhi

After the success of Masala Library, Zorawar Kalra opened Mumbai based Pa Pa Ya in the capital city, New Delhi. On level four of Select City Walk Mall, with a ceiling height of 70 feet, which catches the eye, Pa Pa Ya is advertised as the highest restaurant in Delhi - NCR.

Hearken Cafe - More than just food

Nukkadwala - Indian Street Food Culture, redefined

The Kutchi Dabeli
Living up to its name, this outlet of Nukkadwala is actually around the corner. Located amid corporate offices and agencies in the Cyber City area, it's an escape for those who work around there.

Believe me, this place will take you on a special food journey with its diverse offerings from across the country (Street Food).....

Penning down my exact feeling when i saw the menu -   I wanted to try out each and every dish, right there.

Wonder Why?? Imagine a place, all the best sellers under one roof. 

Late night hunger pangs sorted. Order gourmet burgers from Bun Intended

Hungry at 2am? Pick up the phone and order some gourmet burgers from Bun Intended. Delivering only at night to be precise 7 pm till 4 am, they are doing great.

With a large selection of humungous and wicked burgers, their target is for all those who have late night hunger pangs and post bar hopping crowd. The quality of food is good, so you can also order burgers for dinner.

Sariska Palace

Nestled among the Aravalis, Sariska is the closest place from Delhi where one can hope to see a Tiger in it's natural surroundings. Once the hunting grounds of the Maharajas, Sariska was made into a forest reserve in 1955 and declared a National park in 1982. Sariska Palace was built in the 19th century. The forest is dotted with old forts and temples.

Built in the 19th century by Maharaja Jai Singh of Alwar this imposing palace served as a hunting lodge for the Maharajas for the years to come. This palace was built to welcome the Duke of Connaught, Son of Queen Victoria. The palace was highly appreciated for its structure and location. The royal guests had the privilege of viewing the wild cats like tigers and leopards from the balconies of the palace. It is also believed that they even hunted standing right on their balconies. At the lobby, one can easily see tiger mannequins preserved till date. 

It’s a Heritage Hotel with all the Modern Amenities like Swimming pool, Lawn tennis, Table tennis, Huge lawns to play Cricket, Football etc and Relax. Based in a total of 100 acres it's facade and lush green lawns even in the middle of Rajasthan are a treat to watch.

With Royal architecture in a picturesque surrounding, this Palace is ideal for Fairy Tale / Destination Weddings. It has 6 huge lawns and creates magic. They can house around 300 guests on double occupancy and host a gathering for 1000 people. 


Recently redone rooms of the Queens and the suites in the main wing along with rooms in the Lords corner are quiet good and . The huge area and proximity to the jungle along with 2 conference halls make it an ideal place for family stay, group stay for conferences and for wild life enthusiasts.

Palace Overview

The Palace is visited by many tourists around the world throughout the whole year. With typical high ceilings and spacious rooms and suites, the hotel offers a pleasant and memorable stay. If you are lucky enough, you might also get to have a look at the wildlife below while relaxing on the hotel terrace.

With a total of 75 well-furnished rooms, the palace provides all the modern amenities and facilities. With attached bathrooms and hot and cold water facilities, your stay at the Palace would be pleasant and enjoyable one at anytime of the year. Each room has been tastefully done with original Regency Victorian furniture and provides a good view of the wildlife outside. While one can have a panoramic view of the hills from 1st floor which has a huge balcony of the hotel, one can also catch up a glance of the herds of deer and the wild boars rutting through the undergrowth from this hotel. Colorful water birds flying through the sky also produce a memorable spectacle.

Rooms are huge, spacious and comfortable. Air conditioner and fans work well. Beds are clean and big enough. With tea and coffee making facilities, bedside lamps etc.
Everything is very old and used including the furniture. You don’t know if the walls are grey, yellow or were white many years ago. Bathrooms are in white marble. Water mixers are in gold, covered with patina. The facilities are yellow now, but originally were white. 

The restaurant serves Continental, Chinese and Indian cuisines, whereas Indian and imported spirits are served at the bar of this hotel. Food is good and they normally have some Rajasthani Folk music during the evening.


The Sariska Tiger Reserve is home to a number of carnivores including Leopard, Wild Dog, Jungle Cat, Hyena, Jackal, and Tiger. The herbivore category in Sariska includes Sambhar, Chitel, Nilgai, Wild Boar and Langur. Sariska wildlife sanctuary is also known for its large population of Rhesus Monkeys.
There are also many bird species in Tiger Reserve, namely- Peafowl, Bush Quail, Sand Grouse, Tree Pie, Golden Backed Wood Pecker, Crested Serpent Eagle and the Great Indian Horned Owl.

Special Attractions -

The Kankwari Fort - Major historic structure within the Sariska National Park includes the Kankwari Fort where Emperor Aurangzeb once imprisoned his brother.

The Ancient Shiva Temple -  Neelkanth Temple within the Sariska Tiger Sanctuary dates back to the 6th -13th century AD, is a must visit.


Best suited weather: Sariska is cool in winter and hot in summer. Nights are much cooler than the day.

Best Season: October to February. Sightings though are higher in May-June if you could bear the heat.

No. of Rooms: 75
Cards accepted: All major credit cards.
Distance: 115 km from Jaipur Airport, 36 km from Alwar Railway Station, 200 km from Delhi.

Train: The nearest rail head is at Alwar. 

To contact, click here