Onam Sadya - A Festive Indulgence

Delhi Food Walk
Multi - Purpose Hall, Sector 4, Near Gole Market, Opposite Metro - Politican Hotel, New Delhi - 9

"First of all, I would like to convey my special Thanks to Delhi Food Walk, Mr Anubhav Sapra and Mr Mathew, for the warm hospitality and creating such a delightful platform where people from different Cultures can gather and share their views and socialize".

Onam (Malayalam), an ancient Hindu festival which is celebrated by the people of Kerela and also in our modern times. It falls during August - September and signifies Kerela's rice harvest festival. Festive rituals, Traditional Cuisine, Dance and Music mark the harvest festival of the state.

Delhi Food Walk, as many of us know, is a walk through the lanes of the city, savouring over Multi - Cuisines. An initiative that connects all Foodies and lets them share their views, food secrets with the people around. With a prior mail booking of the number of seats, I had my first walk with DFW for Onam Sadya which was marvelous. Here is how it started:

The Invitation

 This was given to us once we paid a sum of  Rupees 200/- as our participation to the food activity.

The entrance of the hall was decorated with strings of  flowers and leaves and had a beautiful Rangoli, a decoration using Rose and Marigold petals, outlined by leaves and few Lotus buds placed in the middle, when you step inside.

The Entrance
Flower Rangoli

The Feast - Tables were placed latitude wise with chairs all around. For those who were not able to find seat/s around the table , had to sit and wait. However, Mr Mathew made everyone comfortable. The tables were covered by white sheet and the sheet was then covered by a running paper roll. [Paper roll because its an helpful exercise for the person who has to pick up everyone's plates at the end of the meal]


Huge plantain leaves were placed on the table in front of us all. The leaf was our plate. Very soon, people started serving us. The feast usually has more than 13 to 15 Curries , with traditional Pickle, Pappar (those crispy things you get at Indian restaurants) and a sweet dish called "Payasum" which is made of Milk and Jaggery.

A Classic Onam Sadya
We were served the following :-

1. Rice, 2. Sambhar, 3. Rasam, 4. Avial (mix vegetable)
5. Puliserry (vegetable made with curd as the base)
6. Kalan, 7. Olan, 8. Erissery (made by Pumpkin) 9. Neyu
10. Khichadi, 11. Pachadi, 12. Pappar, 13. Banana
14. Toran, 15. Banana Chips, 16. Gur Chips, 17. Parripu ( Daal)
18. Inchi Kari, 19. Payasum.

I recall my Grand mother once mentioned , any meal eaten by using your fingers, will always fill your stomach well than eating with the help of spoon / fork. Now I understand why she said so. A sumptuous meal. Every bite was divine. My encounter of Onam Sadya for the first time was outstanding.  

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