Barista LavAzza

Barista LavAzza Expresso Bar
Gyandeep Main Market , Defence Colony, New Delhi

Oh what bliss to enter a cafe on a rainy day that makes you crave for the smell of coffee beans and coffee in some form or the other. I am a big coffee fan but not such big a fan who needs coffee every morning. But this time of the month when its raining, is perfect and calls for a good cup of coffee. For a good chit - chat with an old friend, to read a book, to work on my laptop, for meetings etc to name a few, makes me a visit the place, often. This time, I was here waiting for my mother to return from a get together. I had no nerve to return and get stuck in the heavy traffic jams.

The cafe consists of two floors and I prefered to read in peace, so I chose the first floor. I sat there and saw the rainy street of Defence Colony Market.

I was quite hungry as it was Lunch hour. So I decided to order a "Paneer Tikka" sandwich in Brown Bread and a "Green Apple" Mojito, since I knew the get together would take more than an hour or so, I knew I could order another beverage while peacefully reading my book, later.

Paneer Tikka Sandwich
Rye Brown bread with cottage cheese and sauteed peppers. The bread was fresh and all the ingredients were mixed well.
Green Apple Mojito was refreshing. Added with lots of lemon and mint leaves. 

Green Apple Mojito
I knew the waiting will take longer and with the regular size of Mojito, few slurps down, I craved for a hot beverage. Call me weird of craving a hot beverage over a cold one. But the smell of coffee was so intense, it mesmerized me. So I ordered a Cappuccino.

Cup of Cappuccino
Fresh brew with foamed milk with the special aroma and that rich taste, who can resist. Bliss!

The staff is very helpful and have smiling faces. Prompt service. An overall decent place to sit peacefully, read a book, wait and enjoy your coffee. 

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