Zomato Feedback

Zomato, is the coolest and the best online platform that provides all the information I require for a restaurant. I started using it about a year ago and ever since have been posting reviews like my daily cup of coffee. And then when I read about this Contest, I could not resist myself to enter and give it a try.

Why I Love it:

1. User Friendly: Its so simple and clean.The site / app is not cluttered. Its like you are traveling with a guide book in your pocket, unlike other portals that have too many buttons to click.

2. SpeedDial & Auto Detect: Add up your favorite restaurants in speed dial. So the next time I want to place an order with the restaurant, I can look up my list and tap directly to call. It also automatically detects my city and locality and gives me references.

3. Cost Effective & Reviews: When dining at a new restaurant, I always use Zomato to read reviews. It helps me in making the right choice, knowledge about the cuidine and know the cost before dining at the particular establishment / restaurant.

4. Leader Board: This is my driving force to score more points. By keeping a check of my rank in Delhi / NCR and in my network.

What I would like to be Introduced:

1. Festive Activities: I would like to see places that are celebrating upcoming festivals with the festive food offerings. Example: I experienced "Onam Sadya" this year for the first time. Establishments that celebrate such festive food offerings will be an added advantage.

2. Making Reservations: This feature will not only help the restaurant but will also save time. Some restaurants have long waiting ques. So this feature will not only be competent but proficient.

3. Customer Care: Numerous times the number displayed of a restaurant is incorrect as its altered. Calling up a customer care will be of assistance and aid as a benefit.

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