Le Déjeuner with Cafe Noir

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Cafe Noir, Bengaluru

Cafe at the Airport
Cafe Noir, one of the most sophisticated kind of place I visited for the 1st time in an unknown City, Bengaluru, that made me harmonize into the music that played, the wonderful colors of Macroons, catch up with the thoughts in my head in the most comforting and spacious environment, the airport. 

I have heard this cafe is always buzzing with people and one has to be very lucky to find place. I was at the Vittal Mallya's UB City Mall too, but was not lucky enough to find a seat. My wishlist hence had the cafe added for my next visit to Bengaluru. 

The two day trip came to an end. My work was completed and I had packed my bags to go back home, Delhi. My flight was at 5:25 pm and I reached the airport by 1 pm because I was told to keep a buffer of 2 hours when traveling within the city. While stepping out of the cab at the airport, I spotted this Cafe again. Being a foodie and receiving recommendations to try the place out, I was not able to stop myself when I saw empty seats. Seemed like my Luck had turned! :-)


The staff is friendly and serves you at the table. They will help you place your order when you are confused reading their big display menu which is tucked at the corner of the cafe while your stomach is growling with hunger.

Big Display Menu

And just below the Display Menu are shelves placed with Sandwiches, Desserts and Salads. 

After a lot of thought and reading the entire menu board I finally made up my mind and ordered a Vegetarian Arrabiata Penne. I was starving by this time and wanted something to fill my stomach. 
The pasta dish is a spicy homemade Tomato and Basil Sauce, Olive topped with Parmesan Cheese and fresh Basil Leaves served with their Garlic Bread which is more like a  long slice of Toast. 

Arrabiata Penne

I loved it, le Déjeuner. The Arrabiata sauce was so fresh. It had the right quantity of  herbs. A little more cheese and a little more pinch of chilly would have made the dish Just perfect for me, yet I enjoyed the real taste of how it was cooked and served. The Basil leaves made the dish light and enjoyable. I had dived myself with every bite that now while I sit with my laptop and a cup of coffee writing this, I feel hungry and would want to have it again n again.. I walked up to the counter to order some Iced tea, but the thirst I knew would not have been quenched. The staff smiled and knew I am in deep thoughts again and probably he figured out I will miss my flight :P 
Alright, I will have some normal water to go please. "Perfect, water is the best option, you seem to be health conscious Ma'am" with a big smile on his face. 

It was now 2:45 pm and I had to check in my luggage. If I had time I would have sat there for an hour more and had some Dessert or a Sandwich. I have also heard their Breakfast Menu is very good. So now I will wait for my Luck to turn around again so that I can visit Bengaluru and dine at Cafe Noir. The only thing is I have no idea when that will happen.. 
Tell me if I am pushing my Luck by asking if Cafe Noir has any plans of opening an outlet in Delhi? Am I ... ? 
I would be Lucky to have you in my own City.. because I for one am sure to be a regular customer at the Cafe :-)

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