Feel Royal @ Maharaja Bhog

7/1, 1st Floor, Above ICICI Bank, Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore, Karnataka 560001
The Chain currently has over 7 outlets. 2 in Mumbai, 1 in Bangalore, 3 in Dubai and 1 in USA catering to the Traditional dining needs of India. 

I would really like to Thank Mr Rajender Singh - Guest Relation Manager. He was friendly, helped and supported me. This was my first visit to Bangalore and he gave me "Whats up" , the official lifestyle guide book of Bangalore. It was a Complimentary copy just for me. 

Maharaja Bhog, located close to the most famous Vittal Mallya's Mall, UB City. A pure vegetarian restaurant doing pretty well in terms of business for itself and having a niche for themselves. Parking is taken care with the Valet Service. The entrance to the place is through a basement of the building which houses a bank. The lift takes you directly to the restaurant. 

Waiting Area

The delightful Indian Ambiance is perfectly done to please your mood. A lot of detailing and attention is paid to the seating and the decor. The Chandeliers look lovely and the walls are upscale. They have a little Indian touch to the walls. Most of the Indian spices are framed separately. I called it the Indian Spice wall.

Spice Wall
Zoomed in Spice wall

The restaurant is known for their prominence when it comes to serving authentic Indian food from the North - west of our own country. I had only heard about it and had to give it a shot. So, undoubtedly I happened to be at the UB city mall when my window shopping spree ended and I walked by this place.

The cutlery is all of Brass, its huge and heavy. Its not like a run to the mill kind of place. They tag it as a "Premium Thali Restaurant" and I so agree to the tag now. I had always know Thali to have an enormous menu and this was no different.

The armed men (staff) starts by bringing a jug and a huge bowl for you to wash your hands.

The Food Affair - It starts with Rose Water, mixed with Lime juice as a welcome drink and Butter Milk. They then start filling up the plates with lucrative colorful food and apparently they do not take "NO" for an answer. 

For the Lunch, here is a list of what was served. The long list of items that I devoured on.

Farsans (snacks) - Two kinds - Rajasthani Mirchiwada and Khatta Dhokla, with mint and garlic chutneys. The Rajasthani Mirchiwada had spicy flavor which made it a great start to the meal.

The meal comprises of 5 vegetables.

# Sabzi (vegetables) - Five Kinds - Dal Bati Churma, Veg Jal Frai, Rajasthani Gawar, Aloo Rasawala, Jodhpuri Gatta. to be had with Indian breads - Fulka (roti), Satpadi Roti, Makai Rotla. My favorite out of the Sabzi's were Rajasthani gawar and Jodhpuri gatta. Though for me the gatta had a little extra salt, yet I had 2 - 3 servings more. Dal Batti Churma was the special dish served in the Thali. 

The 4 variations of Dal (Pulses).

# Dal (pulses) - Four Kinds - Rajasthani dal, Rajasthani kadhi, Gujarati dal, Gujarati kadhi. All of these were delicious. I did not favour the Gujarati dal and khichdi merely because it was sweet but the staff guided me to team it with something and then gorge. It was satisfying but did not gratify my taste buds. 

# Rice - Three Kinds - Plain rice, Khichdi, Curd rice. 

# Sweet - Two Kinds - Chana dal Halwa, Khiran. Right density and sweetness. An absolutely lip smacking Halwa (This is coming from a person who does not have a sweet tooth). 

Papad, chutneys and pickles always go without saying.

Rose Water

Premium Thali

Maharaja Bhog, aids to those hungry souls who come in with the thought of experimenting with food. A mini LCD screen on each table gives you an idea of what the menu for the day is. They have like 30 rotating menus which was such a fascinating fact. The staff is like soldiers. They know what they are doing and they do it well. They are super active. Before you know they appear from nowhere and know when the plates need refilling. Like I said, they do not take "NO" for an answer up to the point where they see you struggle in agony which ironically is convinced here by ecstasy or bliss. 

A meal for one costs Rs 349 + taxes. A Maharaja bhog thali for kids costs Rs 199 + taxes. Need I say more? 

It was indeed a meal of the Kings (That Royal Feel) and the whole experience made me feel on seventh heaven. There is nothing that goes wrong here. They manage to nail every dish, hospitality and service. A perfect place for family outings for Lunch / Dinner to gorge on some sumptuous feast. Go and give this restaurant a try! 

On a scale of Food I would give them an 8.5!

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