Great Food Show Vs. Palate Fest - Delhi

The unforgettable Month of Recipes, Good Food and Merry making.

The Great Food Show, a great initiative and platform where professionals with diverse knowledge and backgrounds came and shared their knowledge and created a community that can look beyond and pump India onto the world of Pastry and a Culinary stage, took place on 22nd and 23rd November 2014. Enthusiastic Indian and International Chefs showcased their skills, techniques and demonstrated their signature dishes on a platform where food lovers, bloggers and common man could learn and indulge in a feast of culinary inspiration.

Spanish Olives

Spain and Olives have a love affair and a dating history and tradition of over 6000 years. With the advanced technology that is available, traders guarantee the highest level of food safety and quality. Spain has always been leading in the production and exportation of Olive and Olive Oil worldwide. There are about 30 varieties of Olives available in Spain, key regions being Andalusia which occupies the southern part of the peninsula and Extremadura. All the other regions like Picual which is a mountain region of Granada, produce a light bitter flavor while the Hojiblanca, olives from Malaga produce sweeter oils with a little spicy flavor. 

Green, Black, Natural Ripe

Interaceituna, is the inter - professional Table Olive Organization, recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture; Food and Environment. Their goal is to spread worldwide the benefits of using Olives in our daily meals. As we know, Spain ranks number 1 in the world for Olive cultivation in the International Olive Council (IOC). 

Have you been to Mexitup yet?

M 71, 1st Floor, M Block Market, Greater Kailash- 1, New Delhi

Woo your taste buds with Mexitup, an eatery joint inspired by US based Chipotle's (meaning smoked chili which is a smoke- dried jalapeno) Tex Mex cuisine which is often referred to as 
"Mexican Food" in US and Canada. 

Mexitup, opened in New Delhi, two and a half months back. This fast food joint has quick serving dining and offers a fixed menu. The two handsome Co-owners and Directors Mr. Akul Dhingra and Mr. Pushkar Chopra fell in love with "Mexican / Tex-Mex Food" when one of them spent few years in California. They were excited to bring the flavor and the freshness of ingredients to New Delhi, to feed the foodie souls in us. I was not able to meet Mr Pushkar, during my Lunch, but Mr Akul Greeted and Introduced himself. He was comforting and friendly while taking orders, serving, giving details and recommending us with suggestions for our order. Its not just the nice theme they have stuck to, but delivered the Cuisine as well. Kuddos to them! :-)