Have you been to Mexitup yet?

M 71, 1st Floor, M Block Market, Greater Kailash- 1, New Delhi

Woo your taste buds with Mexitup, an eatery joint inspired by US based Chipotle's (meaning smoked chili which is a smoke- dried jalapeno) Tex Mex cuisine which is often referred to as 
"Mexican Food" in US and Canada. 

Mexitup, opened in New Delhi, two and a half months back. This fast food joint has quick serving dining and offers a fixed menu. The two handsome Co-owners and Directors Mr. Akul Dhingra and Mr. Pushkar Chopra fell in love with "Mexican / Tex-Mex Food" when one of them spent few years in California. They were excited to bring the flavor and the freshness of ingredients to New Delhi, to feed the foodie souls in us. I was not able to meet Mr Pushkar, during my Lunch, but Mr Akul Greeted and Introduced himself. He was comforting and friendly while taking orders, serving, giving details and recommending us with suggestions for our order. Its not just the nice theme they have stuck to, but delivered the Cuisine as well. Kuddos to them! :-)

An ideal informal place to woo your taste buds with Mexican Cuisine. When you enter the restaurant the first thing that catches the sight are the Sombreros (a broad brimmed and high crowned hat usually used in rural areas of Mexico) placed on each table. The chairs are all green, the interiors are colorful and cosy with slow Mexican country songs wafting in the background. It was marvellous. So much for the temptation that as soon as we were seated I asked my friend to click pictures of me wearing the Sombrero.


Posing with the Sombrero ;-)

The menu is compact and has everything that Mexican food is famous for. Nacho's, Taco's, Mexican Burgers, Burrito's / Burritos bowls, Quesadilla's, Pink Limonada, Desserts. Though its not difficult to order yet the Manager Mr. Brijesh gives his suggestions and helps. They certainly know their strengths. And the food is awesome!


Food Affair:-  

1. Fully Loaded Nachos - The handmade tortilla chips were so thin, crunchy and tasty. I have never had such thin tortilla chips. They are covered with a thick layer of cheese, jalapeno, yellow pepper, red pepper and other vegetables. Served with their handmade sour cream and salsa dips. The sour cream is fluffy & very light. Salsa on the other hand is tangy. A perfect combination to have your Nachos with these dips. Mouth watering isnt it? :P

One can also add on dips - The Guacamole dip, Suicidal salsa, Bean dip, Jalapeno dip, Cheese dip. 

Fully Loaded Nachos

2.  Chili Carne Quesadillas - Minced Meat of your choice (Chicken, Mutton / Soya) in their special kind of marination is stuffed with Jalapenos and Cheese. One gets 4 pieces in a basket and they are so soft that they melt in your mouth. These tortillas are undoubtedly flavorsome. 

Chili Carne Quesadillas

3. The Pink Lemonada - The tastiest drink and extremely refreshing.  I sipped throughout my meal and would have ordered another one but the next dish that came made me forget about it. I will make sure I get enough of the drink on my next visit to Mexitup. 

Pink Lemonada

4. Chicken Burrito Bowl - A bountiful Mexican meal in a bowl that is filled with wholesome spicy Mexican Rice / Cilantro Rice, Grilled Vegetables / Chicken / Mutton (choice of meat), Corn, Black eyed Beans, Nachos, Chunks of Chicken, Sour Cream ( which my friend and I were arguing for it to be curd) and Salsa dip. This dish had a different punch. The spices were distinct and chicken was cooked to perfection. I would definitely recommend this dish. A must try!

Chicken Burrito Bowl

5. Chocolate Salami -  We were full by this time and had asked for the bill. But Mr Akul insisted on trying the Chocolate Salami and served it as a Complimentary dish. Woah! I would not have known what I was missing to complete the meal, if I did not try this chocolate salami which was soo goey and soo soft. Served with melted chocolate on top. A pure bliss. We literally dived with our spoons. A small portion yet sweet and made our meal wonderful. 

Pure Bliss Chocolate Salami

Overall, the food is reasonably priced. A meal for two is Rs. 500 approx. VAT extra.  Mexican is an upcoming cuisine and I am sure that the entrepreneurs behind this niche Restaurant will be leading their way. Mr Akul also shared his dream by mentioning that they are trying to open franchisees across NCR. Which I am sure will happen soon because Bloggers like me and all the Foodie peeps in and around Delhi need diversity in food. 

I am excited to return to Mexitup as it is Brilliant and Wish Mr Akul Dhingra and Mr Pushkar Chopra, Best of Luck :-) 

More Pictures from Mexitup:-

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