Street Food Craze Grips Delhi

 All roads lead to Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium 
   National Street Food Festival starts with grandeur
National Association of Street Vendors of India hosts its 6th Food Festival, inaugurated on the 25th December by Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. The fest continues till 28th of December.   
The first day of the four day fiesta, several Political and Cultural personalities, Social Entrepreneurs and Chefs attended the Inaugural Ceremony which was hosted by NASVI's National Coordinator Mr. Arbind Singh. 
Inauguration Ceremony Talk -
While inaugurating the event Chef Sanjeev Kapoor said, "Its high time the street food vendors got their due recognition. Despite serving the society, they are still neglected lots. Comparing the street food vendors with God, he said that many people’s life depend on them. As today most of the people don’t have time to make their own food and balance it with their hectic daily life. In that case street vendors’ role plays a significant role. We should recognize and encourage their efforts in serving the society. He thanked NASVI and its organizers especially coordinator Mr. Arbind Singh and Food Manager Ms. Sangeeta Singh for inviting him in this Mega event. He wished this festival best of luck and said he hopes that it grows in magnitude by every year.
He also advised the street food vendors to practice safe and hygienic methods to prepare and serve the food to the consumers. He said that the whole world knows that Indian food are very rich and has lots of variety and taste but we only lack proper presentation. If we overcome that we can be the best in the world".

Burger King

Second Floor, Select City Walk Saket New Delhi

Burger King, also known as BK, is a Miami based fast food chain that opened on the 9th of November and entered the Indian Market by opening its first outlet in South Delhi's biggest - mall, Select City Walk Saket. 

According to the company, Burger King which is part of the QSR (Quick Service Restaurant), plans to open 10 -12 outlets in the next three months. 

In the last few weeks I had few conversations with few foodie groups and 'Burger King' is all that I'd hear. I did know there will be a mad rush and long ques since it opened last month. Delhi has an overabundance of well known food brands yet we will only flock to the American food-land. For me it sounded like a hangover of the early nineties when there were no foreign restaurants in India and the arrival of Mc Donald's, KFC and Pizza Hut seemed like divine.

Unique Culinaire

 17 Ajit Arcade, Kailash Colony, New Delhi

Shabby little road side Dhaba is the first impression you get when you see Culinaire and maybe you will ignore and keep driving on the main road. Do not do this.

Forget your candlelight dinners for one day and sit on the plastic chairs out in the open. They are more than happy to accommodate more and more people and take out their stash of chairs and tables. As for the food, you have a choice of Thai and Chinese.

The great thing about this place is that it's not classified by age. You will see families dining, college kids, office crowd during their lunch breaks and towards the evenings mostly people from PG's and Take away orders.

Cafe Moshe's at Palladium

 Ground Floor, Palladium Mall, Senapti Bapat Marg, Lower Parel Mumbai

Cafe Moshe’s occupies a section of Palladium’s lobby and quite unimaginative. It’s been furnished to relate a hotel lobby lounge with booths and bucket chairs dressed in dark upholstery. A lobby generally implies a wait, which is what I got at Cafe Moshe’s, which can seat about 80 people. Considering the meal I had there on a weekday afternoon, it was full. The fairytale ended there itself.