European Bistro - Zu Tisch

Zu Tisch, meaning "Come and sit down", is a European Bistro, owned by 5 IIT ' ians who opened an authentic German establishment during Ocktober-fest. Ah! German Cuisine is finally here to stay..

The 5 owners namely, "Eshaan Gupta, Mayank Yadav, Pulkit Khurana, Udit Dhupar and Arjun Uppal when asked to share the Origination and where they drove their Inspiration from --

Said, "With so many eating joints and pubs opening up in Delhi, we wanted to emulate a concept of neighborhood pub wherein people come on a regular basis to chill out, enjoy some beer over amazing food. We started looking for options which was harmonious to this atmosphere we were looking for and going the German way was the solution. Germany is famous for it's cuisine, beers, automobiles and sports. A perfect combo for us to work over! Food and Beverage is a booming industry in India especially in the urban areas. Delhi has seen a dramatic increase in the retail food outlets in the past 5 years with F&B contributing nearly 60% to the total retail revenues in India. People are more open to socialize with others be it over a nice meal or catching up on drinks. The entrepreneurial spirit within us plus the love of good food drove us to explore more options in this industry".

How do you react when you know that Germans are meticulous and the Restaurant that you are about to Dine at serves German Cuisine? Because a typical German meal consists of bread, toast, rolls, marmalade, honey, eggs, cold meats and various kinds of cheese.

Fascinatingly, all this made me look forward to the food at Zu Tisch.
A flight of stairs leads you to the restaurant which has recently opened at Greater Kailash Part 1 M Block Market.

Ambiance -- The restaurant has a relaxed setting with a well designed bar projecting across the entrance. The interiors are set in tones of grey and white. One of the walls has a sketched map of Germany with names of few cities and dark wooden pillars. Vintage lanterns hanging from the ceiling makes it complete. They have outdoor seating too which has a bar table but we decided to sit cozily inside to enjoy Jazz music played by "Samadhi" Live.

Now lets get to the Food -- The menu is vast, primarily German and has dishes from all over Europe. From Chorizos, Schnitzels, Wursts / Sausages and some grills. Listed in Meat Cravings and hearing a lot about it, I wanted to try Spare Ribs Starter and Pork Schnitzel. However, due to the H1N1 virus spreading in its most virulent form, we did not take chances.

We started with Bayrische Bier Kase Suppe (a Bavarian Beer cheese soup made with imported German Beer and served with a variety of cheese [Veg / Lamb bits]) and Renate's Zweibel Suppe (One of the owners delicious version of the French Onion Soup). Creamy and had a lot of ground pepper. I had ordered Renate's Zweibel Suppe but then exchanged it with my diner buddy after tasting the beer soup. It tasted a lot better than the French soup *winks*

Bayrische Bier Kase Suppe & Renate's Zweibel Suppe

Renate's Zweibel Suppe

We continued by ordering Falafel (Crushed chick pea bits with green herbs served with garlic aioli) an International favorite. 6 tiny pieces served nicely on a wooden tray with a fantastic dip called Aioli. Well presented, Very crisp and soft from the Center. Small portion, but delicious. The only thing that was weird was tomato ketchup. Score - 3 / 5


Since we did not want to risk having Pork and not having a Schnitzel would have been unfair, we ordered Aubergine and Zucchini Schnitzel. Yes, a vegetarian one! Its lightly breaded and pan fried eggplant and zucchini served with Potato wedges. Again, the presentation was well done and brought on a narrow wooden tray. But the Schnitzel tasted more like eggplant and less like zucchini. For us it was bland in flavor. The potato wedges had no flavor too and left gaining only 1.5 / 5 as a score.

Aubergine and Zucchini Schnitzel
The next dish that we ordered was Zweibel Ringe (basket of golden brown beer battered onion rings). I believe they serve the Aioli dip with every dish and it is Yum. But before serving us the onion rings, the manager Mr Baldev, gave us a round of complimentary cocktails each. He not only helped us but provided with the apt information about our drinks. Thank you so much once again! :-)  

My diner buddies and I received our cocktails as per the order with Onion Rings placed on our table. A bite of the crispy, juicy onion rings with our drinks -- Bliss! Score - 4 / 5

Onion Rings

Overall, it was an amazing evening. Service was in a class all by itself. Attentive servers, polite, understanding and guiding Manager. Food was excellent, Drinks were exquisite and Prices -- decent. 
A casual dine in a relaxed atmosphere with Beer, Friends and Food!
Good work Team Zu Tisch. Wish you all the Best!
A meal for two costs Rs 1500/- approximately.
Will I go back? Yes, definitely.

Address - M 18 Second Floor, Greater Kailash Part 1 M block market, New Delhi

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