Casual Dine : Burbee's

Burbee's, derived from Burger + Beer, is an American Cafe, owned by a young couple - an IT'ian and a Media Professional. Opened about 2 months ago, this cafe serves authentic European, Continental & American Cuisine in the heart of Noida at Sector 18 hub.

The young couple Mr. Lakshman & Mrs. Kirti Singh, very fond of food are driven by their passion of serving people.

A flight of steps leads you to the Cafe where I was invited for Food Tasting during lunch hours. At the entrance the Manager 'Satish Kumar' smiled -- greeted -- asked for my name -- escorted us (my diner buddy and me) to our seating area where I met the owner Mr. Lakshman, who was waiting for us.

Sitting beside the "No Hangover Bar" on a bench, we started our conversations by asking questions--

  • Does the Cafe have a notable Chef and what is his background?  
  • Is the Menu known for something in particular?
  • Reason why they opened in Noida.

Graciously Lakshman asked us to place our order for Mocktails and answered  all our questions patiently. He said --

We at Burbee's have a consulting Chef 'Ashish Gangwal' who holds a 13 year experience. He has previously worked with Tres at Lodhi Colony, The Oberoi and Intercontinental Hotel. The Menu boasts about Pizza's, Burgers and Pasta. Our in house made dough is used for breads and buns.  For health conscious people we offer a choice of whole wheat base. The reason Burbee's opened in Noida is because for long it has been noticed that there is no place good enough for the people residing at Noida to spend weekends, a place which is well - suited for families, friends and colleagues alike. The music is just perfect to set the mood even during weekdays. From Guns n Roses to Bollywood hits. 

Ambiance -- 

The interiors captivate and entertain with colorful decor which makes it even more mesmerizing and lively. Walls are decorated with innovative sketches including the Metro Route to the Cafe, Posters, Postcards, Guitar, Murals made by an artist (Prabhakar), Vintage merchandise on the shelves (little cooker, iron), a garden bench neatly dedicated for the people who have to wait (giving the English look), book shelves, Dekh Bhai quotes framed, funny drawings and other basic things to give a chic friendly modern look. Divided on three floors, the cafe has a seating capacity for 70 people.  First floor -- "No Hangover Bar", Second floor -- serves Hookah and third floor -- Kitchen. Beautifully utilized space under the stairs usually used for storage is covered with a blue vintage door and kite paintings on the inside wall.
Music is perfect! 

Metro Route
Car painted on Canvas with a Headlight

Seating with high bar stools
The English Bench for people who have to wait

Book Shelf
Vinatge Merchandise
Storage utilized with a Vintage Blue Door
Mural made by Artist Prabhakar

Posters of Bob Marley, Guns n Roses, Doors etc
Guitar decked up on the wall

Food --

During our conversation, we had started with Mocktails
  • Fresh Apple and Cinnamon MojitoApple slices infused in the beverage with cinnamon and mint in proportion. Very refreshing. Rating - 4/5.
  • Burbee's on the Rocks - Fresh watermelon in tobasco, sugar and lime. Yes! Tobasco. A must have. Sweet and tangy tobasco makes the beverage extra special. Rating - 4/5 
  • Spicy Tangy - Sprite, Green Coriander, Green Chili and Chaat Masala. Go easy! The first sip might not give you the green chili flavor but after the first sip, it gives a fantastic punch. This beverage will be introduced on the Menu from the 1st of March. We loved it! Rating - 5/5
Apple & Cinnamon Mojito

Burbee's on the Rocks

Spicy Tangy

We asked the Manager 'Satish Kumar' to serve us small portions so that we were able to taste the many dishes that would be brought to the table.

Starting with Piri Piri Chicken Pizza - Thin crisp crust with spicy chicken as a topping. Base of the pizza is prepared in house and cheese is imported from New Zealand. Outstanding and a must have. Rating - 5/5
Burbee's Vegetarian Pizza -  For health conscious people they serve this pizza on wheat base which is thin, crisp and the vegetables make the pizza juicy. Even though there are spices and sauces placed on each table, yet the need to sprinkle or use extra ketchup is not required. Rating - 4/5

Piri Piri Chicken Pizza

Burbee's Vegetarian Pizza

Continued to the Burger Section, a Trademark, we ordered the Bombastic Scrambled egg & Smoked Chicken Burger - Layered with Lettuce, Scrambled egg bhurji (cooked in salt & pepper), infused with tender chicken, tomato and cucumber. The buns were soft. Layering made the size big. Rather for us it was huge. Rating - 4/5

Scrambled Egg & Smoked Chicken Burger

Next came Chicken Pasta - Creamy penne pasta is liked by almost everyone and a favorite of my diner buddy too. Italian flavors brought to the table, served with a garlic toast for a hearty meal. The chicken was a bit overcooked. However, the Arrabbiata sauce was very good. Not too creamy, cheesy and spicy. Just the right flavor. Rating - 3.5/5

Chicken Pasta

For the Main Course, we ordered Oven Roasted Fish with Spaghetti, Grilled Vegetables served with Sour Cream Dip.
The fish they use is called Basa, native to Southeast Asia, a clean water catfish with no bones. Deliciously prepared. The vegetables are cooked in Olive oil and tossed with some black pepper and garlic. Rating - 4/5

Oven Roasted Fish with Spaghetti, Grilled Vegetables served with Sour Cream Dip

We also ordered a Salad, Grilled Vegetables, Rocket Leaf with Strawberry Dressing - Crispy rocket leafs, with strawberry dressing. Excellent combination of vegetables Green and Yellow capsicum added color to the dish. Tastefully prepared. Rating - 4/5

Desserts --

Walnut Brownie with Ice Cream -- Ice cream with fudgy, soft brownie topped with chocolate sauce made the adventure even more tempting. Heavenly! Rating - 4/5
Classic Tiramisu - Classic Italian dessert made with love. Fluffy, rich and absolutely irresistible. Rating - 5/5

Walnut Brownie with Ice Cream

Classic Tiramisu

Overall, it was a remarkable lunch. Service is respectable. Servers are attentive, polite and friendly. 

A casual dine in a very comfortable atmosphere with Food, Friends, Conversations & Music.

Things to look forward to -- 
  • Alcohol License is on its way. 
  • Spicy Tangy Mocktail.
  • 17 new Pizzas will be added soon to the Menu.
  • Home Delivery Service. 

A meal for two costs Rs. 1000 approximately. 
Will I go back? Yes, as soon as the alcohol license arrives *winks* and also to try more items from the Menu. 

I wish Mr. Lakshman & Kirti Singh, All the Best! :-) 

Address : G - 56, Sector 18 Noida.

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