Melange of Colors & Cuisines - The California Boulevard

California Boulevard, a Hollywood home to the Stars. Walk among the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and take your camera to capture the  famous "Hollywood Moment."

California Boulevard or TCB newly opened in Gurgaon (Behind IFFCO Chowk Metro Terminal) by a seasoned and wise hospitality professional Mr. Rajan Sethi. 

Stylish Harley Davidson represent America and being an American restaurant, there were 160 Harley Davidson Bikers in the capital for the Launch of the Gurgaon outlet. Mr Sethi, the owner, himself owns 3 Harley Davidson's incorporated and invited bikers from Chandigarh, Jaipur and Delhi who drove around the capital on their bikes to make it amusing and extraordinary.

I was expected at the restaurant for food tasting. The receptionist at the entrance greeted - smiled - asked for my name - accompanied us (my diner buddy and me) inside the restaurant - introduced us to the Manager 'Sandeep Tanwar' (Yes! Right in that order) who then guided us to our seating area. 

After we made ourselves comfortable, I was introduced to the 'Head Chef Karen Rawat' and our server 'Bharat Singh'. 
Chef  Karen embraced our presence, ushered a warm welcome and rolled out the red carpet by asking us few questions like; if we were allergic with any ingredient / food item etc. (we felt esteemed)

Now let me give you the Picture of the Ambiance --

Divided on two floors, the interiors are vintage and voguish. Furniture is classy and trendy. The walls have video panels that play lives, times and songs of Hollywood stars whose Birthday fall in that specific month. There is an Al Fresco (semi outdoor seating area) featuring Californian surf boards hanging on the wall.

The bar is red colored, a replica of the California Tram Company with Beverly Hills written on it. 
On the first floor there is a wide LCD screen of the well-known Regal Cinema which plays movies all day.


The menu is lucratively designed by Chef Karen which incorporates dishes from different parts of the world and shows the effort that is put in to accomplish the enterprising factor.
When Chef Karen came to help for our lunch order, I understood that the best way to savour the delicious gourmet is to allow the Chef to place our order and requested to serve small portions just so we could taste more dishes.


The much waited Food journey begins --

We started with the signature dish Dilli ki Chaat which was fried spinach leaves topped with Bhel, Curd (dahi), Tangy tamarind (imli) chutney (sauce) and green coriander chutney (sauce), giving absolutely delicious tastes in the mouth. A top-seller dish (as we were told) which is with good reason.
he most suave albeit tinier simulation of the famous Regal Cinema, and like its original, screens movies all day. - See more at:
he most suave albeit tinier simulation of the famous Regal Cinema, and like its original, screens movies all day. - See more at:

Dilli ki chaat

Bruschetta is an Italian starter which is rubbed and toasted with lots of raw garlic topped with fresh Tomatoes, Olive oil, Basil. The perfect open sandwich.


Crispy Peri Peri Chicken -- If you like grilled chicken with spices, this is a must try! A Portugal dish that knocks you off with flavors. Served with spicy mayo dip, gives a balance to the juicy, mellow chicken.

Crispy Peri Peri Chicken
Prawn Spring Roll --  Golden brown, melt in the mouth prawn spring rolls, served in shot glasses, dipped in sweet n spicy sauce, represent China Amazing and deliciously crispy. I thanked Chef Karen at that moment when she came out of the kitchen to ask about our luncheon so far. She perfectly managed bring back my long forgotten taste buds for prawns.

Prawn Spring Roll

Sushi Paneer (cottage cheese) -- An interesting TCB version of dish which is creative and loved by all vegetarians. Extremely soft cottage cheese with ginger, mint and coriander.

Paneer Sushi

Ordered few Mocktails -- Summer Beach, Spicy Guava, Virgin Sprintzer and Green Apple & Clove Lemonade. All prepared with fresh juice, smooth and refreshing. Guava juice is spicy as the name suggests, due to black pepper. The rim of the glass is covered by salt and other spices to give a spicy punch to the drink. Brilliant! Loved it.

Vegetarian Spring Roll -- Thai thin crispy rolls filled with finely chopped vegetables served with 4 dips - Sweet chilli, Honey Garlic, Sweet Onion and Mint. I remember mentioning about these dips when Chef Karen said, "Dips play a significant role for every dish".

Veg. Spring Rolls

We were stuffed by now and asked for a break. While clicking pictures, I got engaged to know more about the restaurant.

Another round began,

Ganderi Kebab -- Chicken with herbs, spices and cheese wrapped on sugarcane sticks and coated with roasted bread crumbs. Take a bite and experience the crispiness on the outside and sweet on the insides.

Tangy Button Mushroom -- Delightful!

Mexican Quesadilla -- Corn tortillas filled with so many flavors, served with chunky salsa and sour cream dip. Absolutely wonderful. I know how much I am scolded back home, for not eating tomatoes. But surprisingly, I had a lot of the salsa dip with quesadilla here.

Ganderi Kebab, Button Mushroom, Mexican Quesadilla

Vegetarian Spicy Mushroom Dimsum -- Thai steamed dumplings filled with mushrooms and finely chopped vegetables. Little pieces of delicious filling buns. Unique but turned out to be okay-ish. 

Mushroom Dimsum

Moving on the Main course -- 

Stir Fried Garden Greens  (different and healthy
River Sole Fish ( Seafood lovers, do not miss this)
Spinach Ricotto (combination of ricotto, spinach and tomato gave a real good flavor
TCB Greek Vegetable Moussaka (eggplant, zucchini, and cottage cheese layered and served in cinnamon tomato sauce)

Green Vegetables

River Sole Fish

Spinach Ricotto

Greek Vegetable Moussaka

For Desserts we had TCB Kulfi Gazzak (Chef's recommendation) flamed right in front of us. The Gazzak is coated with Kulfi ice - cream and covered by a small bowl like shaped chocolate.
Chocolate Nutella Forte which was a multi-layered cake with chocolate cookie crust and Nutella ganache.
Sugar - free Passion Fruit Pana Cotta for my diner buddy.
Despite our full, satisfied stomach, these innovative, world class desserts kept forcing us to keep going.. Glossy, smooth, silk like, yum, fresh, moist, an award winning, heavenly!

Kulfi Gazzak

Chocolate Nutella Forte

Passion Fruit Pina Cotta

Overall, it was a stellar experience in a well balanced multi cuisine restaurant.
Servers and Managers are properly dressed and they wear gloves. Service is top notch. A special mention for the Manager - Mr Sandeep Tanwar and Server - Mr Bharat Singh for the warm welcome and hospitality. They were friendly and courteous.
A meal for two costs Rs 3000/- approximately
Will I go back? Yes, certainly!
Address - SCO 383 & 384, Sector 29, Gurgaon

he most suave albeit tinier simulation of the famous Regal Cinema, and like its original, screens movies all day. - See more at:

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