Akira Back - JW Marriott

Akira Back is an American - Korean Chef who opened his first restaurant in Las Vegas six years ago. Towards the end of 2013 and 2014, Chef Akira has opened a restaurant in New Delhi's JW Marriott Hotel and Jakarta.

I was asked to make a selection from 14 other Hotels and book my Sunday Brunch I selected "Akira Back - JW Marriott Hotel" just not for Sushi. The reason I chose Akira Back was because I wanted to try how Chef Akira has experimented the cuisines according to the Indian Palate.

The idea of Brunch has drastically advanced. Everyday diners are craving for a relaxed Sunday meal which is amusing and at the same time not compromising the quality of the food.

The new one on the list is Akira Back to start with Sunday Brunch. "Its a bold move for a popular restaurant that its exclusively open for dinner since it started. The Sunday Brunch at Akira is the only way to enjoy the Culinary collection of our very capable chef" says Mr. Mayank Arora - Manager, Akira Back.

The Menu is table d'hote which means meal for a fixed number is already prepared at a fixed price. In other words 'its limited'. However, one can order other dishes from outside the limited menu. To keep the ingredients fresh, the menu is tweaked weekly.

Table d'hote Menu

Ambiance -- 

The restaurant is located inside JW Marriott Hotel in Aerocity. The expectation was already high. As soon as we entered we were greeted - asked for our name (under who the reservations were made) - with smiles on their faces, the staff escorted us to our dining area - Mr Mayank (Manager) introduced Mr Pawan as our server and himself.

Set up on two floors, the restaurant has a private dining area. The ambiance is modern and decent. Lightening is perfect. Carved wooden panelles are made to divide each dining space.As you enter on the right is a 'Sake Wall', a 20 feet wall seen from the ground level touching the ceiling. The Sake Wall has an amazing collection of wines.

Sake Wall from the lower floor
Sake Wall

Food --

The brunch starts with a cute little Bento box. The Bento box has 4 different Chef's Special Appetizers - A bowl of fresh Salad, Tempura, Pickle, Corn, Tofu and Miso Soup. We (my diner buddy and I) enjoyed Miso soup, Fresh Salad, Corn and Tempura all the way. Rating 4/5

Bento Box
As soon as we finished enjoying our Bento Boxes, the Manager Mr. Mayank asked for our feedback regarding Bento and if we would like to see the Robatayaki, which is a traditional section. One can opt to sit at the Robatayaki section, watch the Chefs line up Skewers and Sushi, place your order and go back to ones own dining area.

Robatayaki Section
Our Robatayaki for Sushi round had just begun. We ordered the Green Valley - Roasted Red Pepper, Asparagus and Guacamole. Rating 5/5
Veggie Philly Sushi - Roasted Red Pepper, Cream Cheese, Mango Coulis. Rating 4.5/5

Sushi lined up at Robatayaki Section
Green Valley
Veggie Philly

When it comes to drinks, the restaurant is kind enough to offer you a generous range of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. On request - Cocktails, Champagne, Vodka and even Tequila. (winks)

We ordered -

Pina Colada. Rating - 3/5
Virgin Mojito. Rating - 3/5

Pina Colada & Virgin Mojito
While sipping our beverages, the server placed our Robatayaki Skewers section which included Asparagus in Teriyaki Sauce served over Charcoal. Rating - 4/5
Eggplant in Apple Tankatsu Sauce. The apple tankatsu is made using honey, apple and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Gives a sweet and sour flavor. Rating - 3/5
Shitake Mushroom with Green Tea Salt. A must have skewer. Rating 4/5

Asparagus in Teriyaki Sauce

Eggplant in Apple Tankatsu Sauce & Shitake Mushroom with Green Tea Salt.

Main Course --

We had a tough time choosing between Tofu Tobanyaki and Edamame Risotto. After settling for Edamame Risotto, we thought its the safest and best vegetarian option.  

"The scallops that are used as garnishing are the stems of the Bulbous Eringi mushrooms. The rice too used in the Risotto is not the Italian rice but the Japanese one. The same rice which is used to make Sushi. As mentioned by Chef Kim who is Chef de Cuisine (CDC) or the Executive Chef at Akira Back. Chef Kim has worked under Chef Akira in Las Vegas and holds a 16 year experience in the industry".

The Risotto was bland and tasted average. Rating 2/5
On sharing this feedback with Chef Kim, he apologized for Risotto being bland and said he will get back to the kitchen and taste it himself as it was just not us , but another table too did not appreciate the Risotto which was presented today.

Edamame Risotto

We were full by this time. However, there is always, always some room for dessert. (winks)

Dessert --

Chef Akira Back's Signature Dessert - Chocolate Lava Cake with Peanut Powder and house made Vanilla Ice Cream, which is very heavy but heaven. Rating - 3.5/5
The Ginger Creme Brulee - At the sound of it, usually one does not appreciate Ginger in any form of a dessert. However, when you dive into this Creme Brulee, you will know what I am talking about. Its a must, must have. Rating 5/5

Chef Akira Back's Signature Dessert

Overall, it was an unforgettable Brunch. Our special Thanks to Mr Mayank Arora - Manager and Mr Pawan - Server for looking after us all the time, giving all the information about our dishes. Mr Mayank who timely kept taking our feedback, took time to show us around the restaurant and gave us a full tour to the Multi- Cuisine Restaurant K3. 

A special mention of Thanks to Chef Kim, who too kept asking for our feedback and apologized for Risotto not being cooked well for the brunch. 

A must have : Sushi and Skewers at the Robatayaki Section. 

A meal costs under two criteria : Non Alcoholic Brunch - Rs. 3500 + Taxes
Alcoholic Brunch - Rs. 5500 + Taxes.
Timing - 12:30pm to 3:30 pm every Sunday.
Address - JW Marriott, Asset Area 4, Hospitality District, Aerocity, IGI Airport, New Delhi.
Reservations - Recommended.