The California Boulevard

The California Boulevard is an American Restaurant, owned by a wise professional Mr Rajan Sethi. Opened in 2013. this Restaurant serves American, European, Continental, Seafood and Asian Cuisines. 

Located in the heart of B. K Dutt Market near Rajouri Garden metro Terminal. The California Boulevard or TCB, inspired by the west coast of America, is a Fantasy.  
Harley Davidson display on the entrance, Walk of Fame and LED screens with Celebrity information influence the place. 

After having a stellar experience a month back at the Gurgaon outlet, I was asked to visit Rajouri Garden. 
At the entrance the receptionist greeted - smiled - asked for my name and directed us (my diner buddies and me) to the lift. As soon as we reached the 1st floor of the restaurant we were welcomed by the legendary Harley Davidson that stood like a beast in the corner. 

The Manager Mr. Sandeep introduced himself and accompanied us to our table. While making ourselves comfortable, we were introduced to Chef J.P and our server Mr Sachin.

Chef J.P warmly greeted and steered asking questions :
  • "Are you allergic to any food item / ingredient?" 
  • "Would you wish to start with Soups?"

Ambiance -- 

Spread on two floors, the interiors are lively and classic. We were seated on the 1st floor which was nice, warm and comfortable with dim lights and few LED screens displaying information on Bruce Willis. Bruce Willis is an American movie star who turned 60 today. Everyone at the restaurant not only celebrated Bruce's birthday but also all those whose Birthday / Anniversary falls in the month, gets to cut the cake. A piece of the cake is then distributed on each table. 

A flight of stairs lead you on to the second floor, which has a personal corner called the "Chef's Booth." A personalized section with a personal butler and a fixed menu. A niche concept in a fine dining. The exterior is visible from a distant and is remarkably beautiful. 

The Menu is the same as Gugaon outlet and lucratively designed by the Head Chef Karen who has incorporated dishes from different parts of the world. The food preferences of each family is kept in mind. Chef Karen often looks after the kitchen at Rajouri outlet. 

Lift Entrance

Walk Of Fame

Legendary Harley Davidson stationed like a beast

Food --

Our Appetizers included --

Dilli ki Chaat - Fried spinach leaves topped with Bhel, Curd (dahi), Tamarind sauce (imli chutney), green coriander sauce (hari chutney). A top seller, light, crunchy and I could eat it all day. Rating - 5/5
Tangy Button Mushroom - Mushrooms with dry noodles on top and sweet chili sauce is delightful. Rating 4/5
Golden Crispy Cups - Crispy spinach with burnt garlic and roasted sesame seeds in a tart was very dry. Rating 2/5
Ganderi Kebab - Chicken with herbs wrapped on sugarcane sticks. I enjoyed this more in the Gurgaon outlet. The outer layer was not so crisp and could not taste the sweetness of sugarcane on the insides. Rating 3/5
Crystal Chicken Dimsum - The chicken dumplings are a melt in the mouth. Rating 4/5
Crispy Mozzarella Sticks - Thick crispy cheese sticks with non sticky cheese. Rating 3/5
Wasabi Sushi Rolls - Sushi rolls were fresh. Rating 4/5
Grilled Lamb Skewers -  Skewers were a little dry. Rating 3/5
Prawns Agilo - Spicy , creamy and decent.

Char grilled Chicken Piccata - Chicken breasts grilled in lemon sauce with lots of herbs. Its delicious, juicy and leaves a tingling flavor on the tongue. Rating 5/5
Paneer Sushi Rolls - A must have. Rating 5/5

Dilli ki Chaat

Button Mushroom
Ganderi Kebab
Golden Crispy Cups
Crystal Chicken Dimsum
Wasabi Sushi Roll
Grilled Lamb Skewers
Prawn Agilo
Char Grilled Chicken Piccata
Paneer Sushi Rolls

TCB Bar Blending Cocktails --

Bubble Champanska - Sparkling wine, vodka , lemon juice. Rating 5/5
TCB Wild Liquid - Vodka with basil leaves and ginger muddled in cranberry juice topped up in soda. Rating 4/5
Knuckle Head - Rating 5/5
California Dream - Rating 4/5

Bubble Champanska
California Dream

 Main Course -- 

Chicken Pot Pie - Loaded with chicken, herbs, steamed vegetables and creamy mashed potatoes. It tasted a little over cooked. Rating 3/5
Herb Crusted Gratinated Salmon Steak - Excellent. The fish is baked well infused in herbs and butter. Rating 4/5
Pad Thai -Thai noodles in the form of a flower. The outer crust was crisp and filled with fried thai noodles tossed in bean sprouts, peanut, garlic and spices. Delicious. Rating 5/5
Fried Rice - Rating 4/5
Diced Chicken M lha - Rating 3/5
Stir Fried Garden Greens - Ratings 4/5

Chicken Pot Pie

Salmon Steak
Pad Thai Noodles
Fried Rice
Diced Chicken M lha
Stir Fried Garden Greens

Desserts --

Classic Tiramisu - Served in a cup, topped with coffee and mint leaf. Very soft. Rating 3/5
Chocolate Nutella Tarte - Multi -layered cake with chocolate crust and nutella ganache. A must have. Rating 5/5
Chocolate Truffle Cake - Celebrating Bruce Willis Birthday.

Classic Tiramisu
Chocolate Nutella Tarte
People with Birthday's in March

Overall, a very good experience in a multi cuisine restaurant. 
Servers and Managers are neatly dressed and wear gloves. Special mention to Mr. Sachin- who looked after us all the time and gave timely information about dishes, Mr Lalit and Mr Piyush - who allowed me to enter the Live Kitchen of Pizza Making even when they had rush of orders to complete. My special Thank You to them. 
Mr. Sandeep - who warmly welcomed us. 
The staff is courteous, friendly and are jolly. 

Will I go back? Certainly Yes. 

Must Have - Ganderi Kebab, Paneer Sushi Rolls, Button Mushroom, Chicken Char grilled Piccata, Pad Thai, Salmon Steak, Nutella Torte.

Address : J 2/5, 1st & 2nd Floor, B.K Dutt Market, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi