Yeti - The Himalayan Kitchen

Yeti, the Himalayan restaurant, had been on my wishlist for some quiet some time and dining at this restaurant seemed perfect on my parents 33rd Anniversary. Though at the sound of trying Himalayan Cuisine, my family was not so adventurous, I on the other hand was looking forward to some hot spicy food. And it was quite spicy indeed!

The menu ranges from Nepalese, Bhutanese and Himalayan food. 

Ambiance -- 

For people who say the Hauz Khas outlet is cramped, should visit Greater Kailash Part 2 outlet. This outlet at Greater Kailash seems to be spacious, cosy and elegant. Seating is on two levels. The first floor has a balcony with a high ceiling from which hang two cylindrical lampshades. The walls and furniture have earthy tones. There are Buddhist prayers flags that decorate the walls on one side while Tibetan masks on the other wall immediately catches the eye. Then there is Art and photographs of Tibet monks and copper pots on every table.

Food --

We started with a fiery hot Aloo Sadeko. Pieces of diced potatoes, orange in color and sauteed in good spice. They were deliciously spicy. Take the warning.

I shall talk about our order, with a little description of my own and the Rating.
  • Gundruk Sadeko - Dried spinach leaves tossed in Nepali sauces and very spicy. Rating 4/5
  • Yeti Vegetarian Platter - Dry crushed wai wai noodles (which at times I prepare at home during high tea) tossed in onions, tomatoes, green chilli and lemon, Aloo sadeko, BHuteko Channa and Tingmo (a bread made of flour). This is a must have here. Rating 4.5/5
  • Vegetarian Momo - Frankly I found them to be average and have had better ones on the street. There was way too much oil pouring out. Rating 1/5
  • Thukpa Vegetarian - is a bowl of noodle soup and has a very distinct nutty flavor. Rating 3/5
  • Fried Thukpa (Chef's Special) - are noodles with diced chicken gravy on the top. Rating 3/5
  • Vegetarian Thali - Its a meal on its own. For someone who is caving home food. And believe me its cooked like home food. Decent quantity. Rating 3.5/5
  • Ema Datchi - A famous Bhutanese dish made with chilli pepper and cheese. Its very cheesy. Rating 2.5/5
  • Kokra Ko Ledo - Traditional Nepali chicken curry served with steamed rice. You can ask the chef for low, medium or high spice. Rating 3/5
  • Kokra Tareko - Dry chicken with bone and deep fried. Rating 3/5

Aloo Sadeko
Vegetarian Thali
Ema Datchi with Tingmo
Kokra Ko Ledo
Gundruk Sadeko
Yeti Veg Platter
Fiery red hot chilli, Seasame seeds and Peanut Chutney
Vegetarian Momo
Fried Thukpa Chef's Special


Overall, my family had a decent time and enjoyed every dish. Though some of us also had our glass filled with water over and over again, yet the adventure was fantastic. It was comfort delicious food. We were all too full to order dessert. But the Chef brought us a complimentary piece from their cake. It was soft, light and was not too sweet. Perfect for the palate.
When I asked the head chef Mr. Shekhar Bhujel about the flavors used in some of the dishes, he mentioned that they were Nepali flavors and named them as Silam Saboot, Jingmboo Saboot. Though I do not know the Indian terms, the highlight spice used at Yeti is the 'Tingboor'. It is this specific ingredient that adds all the spice to life and  food served at Yeti. 
The manager at Yeti Mr Tenzing Sonam, was on leave due to the Earthquake in Nepal. I completely understand his reason for absence and pray that his family is safe. Mr Andrew Lama was in charge of the entire restaurant and looked after all of us with patience. The service was a bit slow, but it was understandable. 


What you must order when at Yeti - Signature Platter, Gundruk Sadeko

Cost for two is approximately - Rs 1000/- 

Where - M 20 Greater Kailash Part 2, New Delhi 

They do not take reservations on weekends - Its first come first serve
To call - 011 41657867, 41008884




Masala Delight in Chittaranjan Park

Masala Delight, is a food outlet for Home Delivery. Started about few months back this little outlet is owned by Mr. Varun Pershad.

The young, smart and enthusiastic entrepreneur Mr. Varun, is a foodie himself and always wanted to have a venture of his own. He says, "I wanted to start small and then jump to something big. Have done a 3 month course with Taj in management and know the basic concepts of cooking. Yes! I cook at times too and my favorite dish of all times is Butter Chicken & Mutton Korma. Also, its easier because most of my friends and family stay close by. However, we also deliver Food to NFC, Defence Colony, Jor Bagh, G.K 1 &2 etc. and have a Catering Business too".

He then introduced me to Dinesh and Yogesh who are the heart and soul of Masala Delight, "says Varun. They work so hard and maintain the cleanliness standard". 

When I asked both Dinesh and Yogesh about their favorite Kitchen tools - 

Dinesh said ,"I like the Chef's knife as I like to cut vegetables with creativity. Yogesh on the other hand is fond of the Mixer. Its the masala to every dish that makes it unique. I work hard to make all the masala pastes". 

Dinesh & Yogesh with their cute serving Trays

Tempting Adventure -- 

I was invited to taste Food at Masala Delight. Even though its a delivery outlet, they have seating arrangements. You will find cars parked on the road, people sitting inside and enjoying their orders. Since I was here to Review them, I preferred to sit outside and enjoy the pleasant evening. 

I requested them to serve samples of their dishes for me to taste. Name of the dish, my own description on tasting and Rating are as follows -- 

  •  Classic Paneer (Cottage Cheese) Tikka - Paneer (cottage cheese) marinated with spices which were apt and grilled in a tandoor. It was crisp, soft and the combination of spices were excellent. Rating 5/5.
  • Mutton Masala Seekh - Minced mutton mixed in spices sprinkled with some chilly and hint of lemon. Very very soft and juicy. Rating 5/5.
  • Hariyali Chicken Seekh  - Simple chicken seekh seasoned with green seasoning and Pudina (mint) chutney. It was juicy and not dry. Rating 4.5/5
  • Corn Malai Seekh - This little seekh is filled with mashed corn, cream and bit of curry leaves. I found it a little bland in taste when Yogesh (the server) was asked to sprinkle some chaat masala. On customer's request, they quickly sprinkle some chaat masala on the malai seekh. Rating 3/5
  • Mutton Korma - This is a must, must try dish. Varun tells me the recipe of this dish is more than 20 years old and takes between 6 - 8 hours to cook this stunning mutton korma. The recipe is a top secret and traditionally prepared. And believe me, its packed with flavors and is lip smacking. Rating 5/5
  • Pineapple Tikka - Ah! Another must try. Before tasting when I heard the name, I assumed it to be another Tikka with pineapple as the filling. However, when it was brought to the table and tasted, my senses were amazed. The tangy, sweet and spicy flavors took a U turn and I could not stop eating. I ordered few more pieces and ate them non stop. Rating 4/5
  • Tandoori Mushroom - Grilled and marinated mushoom with delicious filling inside. The filling is a Masala and I can gurantee you will fall in love. Rating 4.5/5
  • Butter Chicken - Sweet and juicy chicken pieces in a mild cashew nut and tomato gravy with lots of cream & butter. Best known among the Indian food around the world. Rating 3.5/5
  • Chicken Salsa Burger - The new entry to the menu was the continental section and Varun wanted me to try the selection. I was full by now, so asked to bring a small portion of the burger. The chicken sandwich was very soft and there were not too many sauces to bring out the tenderness of chicken. Simple and neat. Rating 3/5
  • Achari Fish Tikka - This is one of my favorite fish. The fish they serve at Masala Delight is Surmai (an Indo Pacific seer fish). Surmai is known to be the Kingfish and is very healthy. It has high levels of proteins. The pickle flavor is exotic. Rating 5/5
  • Mirchi Parantha - They were soft and had good quantities of Mirchi used. (Red Chilly) Rating 3/5.

Sample of Classic Paneer Tikka
Mutton Masala Seekh
Hariyali Chicken Seekh

Corn Malai Seekh
Mutton Korma
Pineapple Tikka
Tandoori Mushroom
Butter Chicken
Chicken Salsa Burger
Achari Fish
Mirchi Parantha

Overall, a sumptuous and delicious meal. 

The servers are polite, friendly and cheerful. Glad to have a new outlet in the neighbourhood. I do not understand why people at Chittaranjan Park complain not having good eateries around the market. For all those, you must try 'Masala Delight'. And they do Catering as well. 

To look forward to - Hot Dog Variety (Chilli, Salsa, Keema, Classic), Burgers, Chicken Chops, Lemon Grass Chicken & Paneer Wraps.

Must Try - Mutton Korma, Fish, Pineapple Tikka, Mirchi Parantha.

Cost for two is Rs 750 approximately.
Where? K1 / 10 Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi 110019
For Free Home Delivery Call - 011  41713155, 8588014131


Kose launches Spawake

Japanese Company 'Kose Corporation', founded in the year 1946, is one of the largest cosmetic & beauty company in Japan. 'Kose' entered the Indian Market with a new skincare brand 'Spawake', launched on the 10th of April at Hyatt Regency New Delhi. 

I was invited to attend the launch of 'Spawake' brand of Kose Corporation with many other bloggers from the Indibogger community. Dinner was served post the launch event. 

Let us now read further about 'Spawake' and the Food adventure. 

The Event --

All bloggers gathered outside the ballroom for registrations, sipped tea/coffee, introduced themselves and waited for the event to begin. We had no clues, just that Kose is a Japanese Company. The curiosity to find out more, kept us all waiting.

As soon as we entered the ballroom we were seated at tables reserved for bloggers. The event began with some fun games as part of an introductory session. And soon, the top management of Kose was introduced on stage. Each of these officials greeted us 'The Japenese way.'

Mr. Takashi Nomura, Director & CEO of Kose Corporation India Pvt Ltd., commenting on the Indian strategy said, "KOSÉ has always stood up for ‘Wisdom and Beauty for people and the earth’ and the decision to enter India is just an extension of that philosophy. We are extremely delighted in having the opportunity to bring spa like indulgence at home. Spawake is an expression of KOSÉ commitment to bring sea deep beauty to every Indian woman and we look forward to receiving tremendous response."

Kose officials

 Spawake, is a skincare cosmetic brand independently developed by KOSE. Its based on the concept of refreshing and revitalizing the skin for a fresh, after spa glow. The target market is for women in their 20's and 30's living particularly in the capital, Delhi. The products contain extracts of Japanese Kelp and sea salt which are marine cosmetic ingredients. They protect ones skin from UV rays, drying and the harmful effects caused by the environment and stress.

KOSE appointed Bollywood Actress - Aditi Rao Hydari as its Brand Ambassador. Speaking on the association with the brand she said , "It’s a privilege to be associated with KOSÉ and to be launching Spawake in the country. The products define a winning combination for me, fusing traditional techniques with advanced Japanese skin care technology. Using natural ingredients from the sea, these products are perfect for urban women with a busy schedule. Japanese women are admired world over for their skin and hair and it’s exciting to be a part of a brand that aims at bringing some best kept beauty secrets, known for centuries in Japan, to Indian women."

Aditi Rao Hydari
The event came to an end with a underwater themed dance performance. Because the ingredients are sea-salt, the performance depicted the theme, beautifully! Do watch..

Food Adventure --

There were stations of Snacks (Fish Amritsari, Murg Malai Tikka & Kesari Paneer Tikka) and Alcohol at the back of our tables. One could easily get up, walk to the appetizer station, grab a bite and return to their respective seats. There were no serves to serve appetizers during the presentation, which was a good idea.

Dinner was served a little late as after the launch, everyone wanted pictures with the Bollywood Star. Aditi Rao looked very pretty! Pictures with other friends, group photographs etc were being clicked.

I was now waiting for the ballroom to open the other room for Food. Honestly, there were imaginary bubbles popping in my head asking "whats for dinner?" (winks)

The dinner layout was simple. There were sections of Salad, Soup, Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mediterranean and Desserts.

The Salad station had three varieties -- Caeser salad Live, Beetroot & Goat cheese and Apple - Pear Salad.

Soup -- Murgh Yakhini Shorba & Vegetables hot n sour.

Each kitchen in the hotel had a fixed menu to present for dinner. I started with Salad - Soup - Italian - Mediterranean - Desserts.

The Dessert station had a huge variety. They served Tiramisu, Mille Fulli, Creme Brule, Strawberry Cheesecake, Tile wali Kulfi, Jalegi Rabri, Moong dal Halwa and Fresh Cut Fruits.

Caeser Salad

Italian Section

Chinese Section

Indian Section
Tile wali Kulfi & Creme Brule


Strawberry Cheese Cake

Overall, a fantastic evening spent with Bloggers. We all went home carrying KOSE's gift hamper. Thank you KOSE for such an amazing evening. Wish you the Best! :-)
My special Thanks to Mr. Pulkit Malhotra who gave me the tour to all the food sections at the venue and introduced the Chef, who was friendly and helpful. Thank You! 

The Sugar Cube

The Sugar Cube, has broken all rules of cake decorating. Owned by two young girls - Prerna Kohli and Ankita Sood, for over a year now, The Sugar Cube, do things with desserts that you have never discovered before.

The young, smart and dynamic entrepreneurs Prerna Kohli and Ankita Sood, believe in spreading contentment in every bite. 

Before I begin to talk about my Tempting Adventure, lets grasp some knowledge about Prerna Kohli and Ankita Sood.

When asked about their backgrounds, Prerna confessed she is a foodie herself. She joined the pastry department at The Oberoi - Gurgaon, flew to London and enriched her skills. She then joined JW Marriott, worked and created impressive desserts. Ankita confessed her love for desserts. She was trained in the Fine Art Department of cooking at The Oberoi - Gurgaon and then Oberoi Amarvilas as the Kitchen Executive. 

Both Ankita and Prerna share the same passion of becoming Entrepreneurs and in Summer of 2014, The Sugar Cube started.

Prerna talks about her favorite tool - the 'Palette knife' while Ankita likes the 'Kitchen Aid'. It makes life easier, she says. Their cooking traditions are creative and artisanal. During this conversation, I asked about their guilty pleasures. "Its difficult to choose two particular items from the Menu, as we love all our desserts. However, to choose two, Prerna loves 'Chocolate Truffle' & 'Walnut Cheesecake n Tart' while Ankita loves 'Green Apple with Pistachio' & 'Watermelon n Strawberry Cake'."

Tempting Adventure -- 

I was invited to Review their products. The Sugar Cube is a home based dessert parlor. Do not be mistaken when you hear "home based". They have all the tools and well equipped machinery which enables them to bake their desserts to perfection.

They have presented their products at college fests like LSR (Lady Sri Ram College), NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology). Students loved the way the Sugar Cube girls presented desserts adding their own elements and presenting new flavors. Not only colleges, the girls have also catered to "Tamana", a non profit NGO at the British High Commission and at DLF Promenade Mall.

At Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Bachelorette gatherings etc, call The Sugar Cube to install their special Featured Desert Table.

Desert Table

I started with a platter which consisted of samples for me to taste. Name of the dessert, a little description and my rating are as follows --

  • Fresh Strawberry & Rasberry / Wild Berry Cheesecake - New York style and you can eat this guilt free. Rating 4.5/5
  • Signature Cappuccino Mousse - Dome shaped which has a Kahlua soaked chocolate sponge at the base. Its bitter and there is a surprise of peanut butter on the inside. Rating 5/5
  • Salt Caramel & Dark Chocolate Eclairs - Both have mousse filling inside. The outer layer is crisp and amazing. I loved the Salt Caramel one more. Must have. Rating 4.5/5
  • Cream Cheese & Strawberry Cheesecake - New York style. Its so smooth that at the first bite it will slide down your throat that you will want to have more and more.. A Must have. Rating 5/5
  • Rasberry & Almond Chiboust - At the first bite I had a ride of orange sponge which is layered with Rasberry mousse and dark chocolate chiboust. Three rides to this wonderful signature cake. Rating 5/5
  • Lemon & Cherry Tart - Its tangy and sweet at the same time and the tangyness of lemon lingers on your tongue for a while. Rating 4.5/5
  • Walnut Cheesecake - Walnuts on cream. Perfectly balanced. Rating 4/5
  • Parmesan Cookie - Its crumby and buttery. A twist for a sweet and salty cookie. Rating 5/5
  • Oat Salted Cookie - For health conscious people. Its loaded with oats. Rating 4/5
Wild Berry
Signature Cappuccino
Salt Caramel & Dark Chocolate Eclairs
Cream Cheese n Strawberry & Almond Chiboust
Lemon & Cherry Tart
Oats Cookie
Freshly baked Parmesan Cookie

Overall, I had an ultimate dessert experience. Both Prerna and Ankita were very patient in answering questions. They are polite, smart, loving girls who love what they do. I am happy to have found a Bakery that customizes according to the customers requirements, can supply in bulk and are all home made. Gives a personal touch. 

What to look forward for? 
Summer Specials, Tart & Eclairs Menu, Mothers Day Specials, Mango Cakes, Chocolate Fudge, Watermelon & Strawberry Cheesecake. 

Must try sections - High Tea Savories, Vegan and Sugar - free.

Cost for two people Rs 700 approximately.

Contact to get your orders placed ~

Call - 9999827776, 9654863456
Location - Greater Kailash Part 1