Masala Delight in Chittaranjan Park

Masala Delight, is a food outlet for Home Delivery. Started about few months back this little outlet is owned by Mr. Varun Pershad.

The young, smart and enthusiastic entrepreneur Mr. Varun, is a foodie himself and always wanted to have a venture of his own. He says, "I wanted to start small and then jump to something big. Have done a 3 month course with Taj in management and know the basic concepts of cooking. Yes! I cook at times too and my favorite dish of all times is Butter Chicken & Mutton Korma. Also, its easier because most of my friends and family stay close by. However, we also deliver Food to NFC, Defence Colony, Jor Bagh, G.K 1 &2 etc. and have a Catering Business too".

He then introduced me to Dinesh and Yogesh who are the heart and soul of Masala Delight, "says Varun. They work so hard and maintain the cleanliness standard". 

When I asked both Dinesh and Yogesh about their favorite Kitchen tools - 

Dinesh said ,"I like the Chef's knife as I like to cut vegetables with creativity. Yogesh on the other hand is fond of the Mixer. Its the masala to every dish that makes it unique. I work hard to make all the masala pastes". 

Dinesh & Yogesh with their cute serving Trays

Tempting Adventure -- 

I was invited to taste Food at Masala Delight. Even though its a delivery outlet, they have seating arrangements. You will find cars parked on the road, people sitting inside and enjoying their orders. Since I was here to Review them, I preferred to sit outside and enjoy the pleasant evening. 

I requested them to serve samples of their dishes for me to taste. Name of the dish, my own description on tasting and Rating are as follows -- 

  •  Classic Paneer (Cottage Cheese) Tikka - Paneer (cottage cheese) marinated with spices which were apt and grilled in a tandoor. It was crisp, soft and the combination of spices were excellent. Rating 5/5.
  • Mutton Masala Seekh - Minced mutton mixed in spices sprinkled with some chilly and hint of lemon. Very very soft and juicy. Rating 5/5.
  • Hariyali Chicken Seekh  - Simple chicken seekh seasoned with green seasoning and Pudina (mint) chutney. It was juicy and not dry. Rating 4.5/5
  • Corn Malai Seekh - This little seekh is filled with mashed corn, cream and bit of curry leaves. I found it a little bland in taste when Yogesh (the server) was asked to sprinkle some chaat masala. On customer's request, they quickly sprinkle some chaat masala on the malai seekh. Rating 3/5
  • Mutton Korma - This is a must, must try dish. Varun tells me the recipe of this dish is more than 20 years old and takes between 6 - 8 hours to cook this stunning mutton korma. The recipe is a top secret and traditionally prepared. And believe me, its packed with flavors and is lip smacking. Rating 5/5
  • Pineapple Tikka - Ah! Another must try. Before tasting when I heard the name, I assumed it to be another Tikka with pineapple as the filling. However, when it was brought to the table and tasted, my senses were amazed. The tangy, sweet and spicy flavors took a U turn and I could not stop eating. I ordered few more pieces and ate them non stop. Rating 4/5
  • Tandoori Mushroom - Grilled and marinated mushoom with delicious filling inside. The filling is a Masala and I can gurantee you will fall in love. Rating 4.5/5
  • Butter Chicken - Sweet and juicy chicken pieces in a mild cashew nut and tomato gravy with lots of cream & butter. Best known among the Indian food around the world. Rating 3.5/5
  • Chicken Salsa Burger - The new entry to the menu was the continental section and Varun wanted me to try the selection. I was full by now, so asked to bring a small portion of the burger. The chicken sandwich was very soft and there were not too many sauces to bring out the tenderness of chicken. Simple and neat. Rating 3/5
  • Achari Fish Tikka - This is one of my favorite fish. The fish they serve at Masala Delight is Surmai (an Indo Pacific seer fish). Surmai is known to be the Kingfish and is very healthy. It has high levels of proteins. The pickle flavor is exotic. Rating 5/5
  • Mirchi Parantha - They were soft and had good quantities of Mirchi used. (Red Chilly) Rating 3/5.

Sample of Classic Paneer Tikka
Mutton Masala Seekh
Hariyali Chicken Seekh

Corn Malai Seekh
Mutton Korma
Pineapple Tikka
Tandoori Mushroom
Butter Chicken
Chicken Salsa Burger
Achari Fish
Mirchi Parantha

Overall, a sumptuous and delicious meal. 

The servers are polite, friendly and cheerful. Glad to have a new outlet in the neighbourhood. I do not understand why people at Chittaranjan Park complain not having good eateries around the market. For all those, you must try 'Masala Delight'. And they do Catering as well. 

To look forward to - Hot Dog Variety (Chilli, Salsa, Keema, Classic), Burgers, Chicken Chops, Lemon Grass Chicken & Paneer Wraps.

Must Try - Mutton Korma, Fish, Pineapple Tikka, Mirchi Parantha.

Cost for two is Rs 750 approximately.
Where? K1 / 10 Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi 110019
For Free Home Delivery Call - 011  41713155, 8588014131