Yeti - The Himalayan Kitchen

Yeti, the Himalayan restaurant, had been on my wishlist for some quiet some time and dining at this restaurant seemed perfect on my parents 33rd Anniversary. Though at the sound of trying Himalayan Cuisine, my family was not so adventurous, I on the other hand was looking forward to some hot spicy food. And it was quite spicy indeed!

The menu ranges from Nepalese, Bhutanese and Himalayan food. 

Ambiance -- 

For people who say the Hauz Khas outlet is cramped, should visit Greater Kailash Part 2 outlet. This outlet at Greater Kailash seems to be spacious, cosy and elegant. Seating is on two levels. The first floor has a balcony with a high ceiling from which hang two cylindrical lampshades. The walls and furniture have earthy tones. There are Buddhist prayers flags that decorate the walls on one side while Tibetan masks on the other wall immediately catches the eye. Then there is Art and photographs of Tibet monks and copper pots on every table.

Food --

We started with a fiery hot Aloo Sadeko. Pieces of diced potatoes, orange in color and sauteed in good spice. They were deliciously spicy. Take the warning.

I shall talk about our order, with a little description of my own and the Rating.
  • Gundruk Sadeko - Dried spinach leaves tossed in Nepali sauces and very spicy. Rating 4/5
  • Yeti Vegetarian Platter - Dry crushed wai wai noodles (which at times I prepare at home during high tea) tossed in onions, tomatoes, green chilli and lemon, Aloo sadeko, BHuteko Channa and Tingmo (a bread made of flour). This is a must have here. Rating 4.5/5
  • Vegetarian Momo - Frankly I found them to be average and have had better ones on the street. There was way too much oil pouring out. Rating 1/5
  • Thukpa Vegetarian - is a bowl of noodle soup and has a very distinct nutty flavor. Rating 3/5
  • Fried Thukpa (Chef's Special) - are noodles with diced chicken gravy on the top. Rating 3/5
  • Vegetarian Thali - Its a meal on its own. For someone who is caving home food. And believe me its cooked like home food. Decent quantity. Rating 3.5/5
  • Ema Datchi - A famous Bhutanese dish made with chilli pepper and cheese. Its very cheesy. Rating 2.5/5
  • Kokra Ko Ledo - Traditional Nepali chicken curry served with steamed rice. You can ask the chef for low, medium or high spice. Rating 3/5
  • Kokra Tareko - Dry chicken with bone and deep fried. Rating 3/5

Aloo Sadeko
Vegetarian Thali
Ema Datchi with Tingmo
Kokra Ko Ledo
Gundruk Sadeko
Yeti Veg Platter
Fiery red hot chilli, Seasame seeds and Peanut Chutney
Vegetarian Momo
Fried Thukpa Chef's Special


Overall, my family had a decent time and enjoyed every dish. Though some of us also had our glass filled with water over and over again, yet the adventure was fantastic. It was comfort delicious food. We were all too full to order dessert. But the Chef brought us a complimentary piece from their cake. It was soft, light and was not too sweet. Perfect for the palate.
When I asked the head chef Mr. Shekhar Bhujel about the flavors used in some of the dishes, he mentioned that they were Nepali flavors and named them as Silam Saboot, Jingmboo Saboot. Though I do not know the Indian terms, the highlight spice used at Yeti is the 'Tingboor'. It is this specific ingredient that adds all the spice to life and  food served at Yeti. 
The manager at Yeti Mr Tenzing Sonam, was on leave due to the Earthquake in Nepal. I completely understand his reason for absence and pray that his family is safe. Mr Andrew Lama was in charge of the entire restaurant and looked after all of us with patience. The service was a bit slow, but it was understandable. 


What you must order when at Yeti - Signature Platter, Gundruk Sadeko

Cost for two is approximately - Rs 1000/- 

Where - M 20 Greater Kailash Part 2, New Delhi 

They do not take reservations on weekends - Its first come first serve
To call - 011 41657867, 41008884