Chef’s Basket Recipe Kit – Arrabiata in Fusilli

I have mostly shared Stories about how I gathered all the right ingredients to prepare a certain dish. Today, I share an easy, enjoyable, quick Italian meal – Arrabiata in Fusilli. Prepared by using the ingredients inside this little Chef’s Basket Recipe Kit

What is Chef’s Basket Recipe Kit?
Fizzy Food Labs is a young start-up started by three IITB alumni, who believe in providing fine dine experience/s at home. A kit, named Chef’s Basket, has all the right ingredients to prepare dishes from across the world. The kits are available at selected stores in Mumbai and also available if ordered online via
How is Chef’s Basket useful?
  • A single kit has all the ingredients required to prepare a particular dish.
  • The ingredients are all measured correctly.
  • Preparation time and method are mentioned on the kit.
  • It is similar in taste to the dish served in restaurants.
  • Nutritional facts for health conscious people are mentioned.
  • Its 100% natural.
received a sample of ‘Arrabiata in Fusili with Basil infused Olive oil’ and was asked to share my experience with of Chef’s Basket Recipe Kit. Here is how it goes,


Chef’s Basket Kit
Nett weight of the kit – 524 grams ; Serves – 3 ; Spice – Medium ; Preparation time – 15 minutes ; Cost – Rs. 250/-

Ingredients inside the kit

Ingredients —
  1. Italian Fusilli Pasta – 200 grams
  2. Basil Infused Olive oil – 10 ml
  3. Arrabiata Pasta Sauce – 300 grams
  4. Italian herbs – 2 grams
  5. Sea Salt – 12 grams

The recipe is designed in such a way that all one requires to do is follow instructions mentioned on the box. For a beginner who has never cooked before, this kit is suitable.
Even though the directions were mentioned, I like to experiment and make the dish presentable (Inspired by classes I attend/ed with Best Chefs).

Method —
  1. Boil 2 L of water in a vessel with Sea salt on high flame.
  2. When the water comes to a boil, add Fusilli Pasta and boil for 12 minutes. Make sure to not overcook.
  3. Strain the boiled pasta.
  4. Take a pan, add Arrabiata pasta sauce and simmer for 2 minutes.
  5. Add boiled pasta to the pan and toss it up / mix gently for a minute. Avoid using a spoon since it will cause the spiral pasta to break.
  6. Remove the pan from heat and add Basil infused extra virgin olive oil.
  7. Serve hot in a deep bowl and garnish with mixed herbs.
I followed the instructions till garnishing with mixed herbs. And then sprinkled some Amul Cheese and toasted 2 sticks of garlic bread (Keeping in mind about the presentation)

Strained Pasta

Garnished Arrabiata in Fusilli

Conclusion —
Chef’s Basket Recipe kit, satisfies the craving when one is unable to dine out especially “for those pasta cravings”. However, the kit is adequate for only 2 people and not 3.

Also, while consuming the dish, it was a bit dry. Few more grams of the Arrabiata Pasta sauce would have worked wonders.
Worth giving it a try and I am sure will satisfy your taste buds.

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