AMPM Cafe & Bar

Outdoor Rooftop Seating
Indoor Rooftop Seating

AMPM Cafe & Bar is walking distance from Metro Terminal - Rajouri Garden. The Cafe & Bar is situated on the third and fourth floor, just above 'TCB.' Top floor is a rooftop with outdoor as well as an indoor seating, whereas the floor below is used for huge party gatherings.

Due to the scorching heat in New Delhi, my diner buddy and I decided to sit indoors at the rooftop. We were here to review Cafe & Bar. Being a Saturday and afternoon, the Cafe was already full.

College students bunking their classes or after attending boring lectures come to AMPM Cafe & Bar and spend their time here. Its actually the central point that caters young college goers keeping in mind their pocket money. 

Ambiance --

Hollywood theme with pictures of stars, lampshades, perfect lighting and trance music. For the evenings there is an in house DJ as well. Stools around the bar area, leather upholstery and high tables make it even more comfortable.

Food --

We started with Cucumber Spritzer and Virgin Mojito to refresh ourselves from the 40 degree heat. After being so refreshed, we ordered 'Bira Beer' which has very low bitterness.

Chef Mr. J.P greeted, introduced himself and asked for our food preference. We asked him to bring Vegetarian and as well Non Vegetarian dishes.
  • Mix Veg & Chive Dimsum - Individual portions served in steamer baskets. Rating 4/5
  • Spanakopita Cheese - Served in triangles with feta and ricotta cheese. Amazing. Rating 4/5
  • Veg Spring Roll - Very crisp but the filling of vegetables inside was kept minimum. Rating 3/5
  • Golden Fried Prawns - They look and taste yum. One of my favorites. Rating 5/5
  • Prawn Spring Roll - Simple rolls made with prawn filling. Rating 3/5
  • Chicken Tai Chi - Chicken sauteed in vegetables in spicy garlic sauce. Rating 5/5
  • Breaded Fish Finger - Bread crusted fish fingers. If you like fish fingers, you will certainly like this. Rating 5/5
  • Chicken Nugget Canape - Chiken nuggets always pleases everyone. Rating 4/5
  • Chicken & Tomato Bruschetta - Fresh tomatoes with basil and black olives. Rating 4/5 and the chicken ones were good too. Rating 4/5
  • Crab & Avocado Sushi - Sushi rolls packed with crab and creamy avocados. Rating 5/5
  • Peri Peri Chicken Pizza - They served us a two-in-one pizza. Half vegetarian and half non vegetarian. And we enjoyed both, peri peri being a favorite was enjoyed most! ;) Rating 4.5/5
  • Crunchy Corn - Crunchy corn kernels was more of a starter dish. Its colorful and light in taste. Rating 3.5/5
  • Crispy Shiitake Mushroom - Loaded with lip smacking flavors. Rating 5/5
  • Tropical Veggie Burger - A vegetarian burger infused with amazing tropical and sweet flavor. A perky burger and a must have. Rating 5/5

Desserts --
  • Chocolate Nutella Tart - It has so many textures. Loaded with chocolate and Nutella. Blissful. Rating 5/5
  • White Chocolate Parfait - Made with white chocolate, cream and ice cream. Rating 4/5
  • Classic Tiramisu - Smooth, a-melt-in-the-mouth. I could have eaten the whole of it alone. Rating 4.5/5

Overall, we had an amazing afternoon. Chef J.P and the server Mr Bhatt looked after us well. The server was polite, friendly and gave timely knowledge about the dishes. Service was apt. I will definitely return to this Cafe & Bar often. 

Must have at AMPM Cafe & Bar - Peri Peri Chicken, Tropical Veggie Burger, Fish Finger, Crispy Shiitake Mushroom and Chicken Tai Chi. 

Do not forget to try their famous Brain Freeze Sheesha.

What to look forward to
  • Music bands every Saturday 8:00pm onwards.
  • Flash your College ID and get a 20% discount on your final bill.
  • Happy Hours 120m to 7pm.
  • Retro Fridays 8:00 pm onwards.
 Where? J 2/5, 3rd & 4th Floor, B.K Dutt Market Rajouri Garden New Delhi 

Cost for two people - Rs 1500 approximately.

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