Dao - Satisfying Thai Food Cravings

A casual dining restaurant that offers Thai food prepared authentically. Located in GK 1 N Block Market which has its share of pubs and lounges, Dao is located on the 1st floor in the building where Aniq is.

Ambiance --

Dim Lighting with classy and traditional decor. I was here for a Review with my diner buddies. As soon as we entered we were guided to a corner table which was close to the kitchen. The wooden shelves and lamps make the environment comforting. The first floor holds a capacity for 52 pax whereas the second floor is more of a lounge & bar with loud music for 50 people.

 Food --

The manager Mr Manoj introduced us to the Master Chef Mr Kanchit Vong Vichai who has been in the industry for 15 years now and server Harish and Vijay who then took care of us. We started with

  • Yam Phak Ruam Mit also known as Crispy Vegetables - Its a stir fried vegetables dish. Yam in Thai I believe is the flavor because these crispy vegetables were superb. Crispy, spicy and sweet. Rating 5/5
  • Spinach & Prawn Roll - Served with black bean sauce. A taste explosion and an eye catcher. Rating 4.5/5
  • Chilly Garlic Dumpling - Soft and loaded with garlic. Rating 3.5/5
  • Dragon Mushroom - They were cooked well and tasted excellent. Rating 4/5
  • Kai Karb Krapow also known as Chicken in Basil sauce. The chicken could have done with a little more flavor and the basil sauce was delicious. Rating 3.5/5
  • Jasmine Rice - A Thai specialty and the aroma it brings is the best alternative to plain rice. Its very popular in Asian cooking as well. Rating 3/5
  • Panang Curry Chicken - This spicy Thai dish is cooked with rich coconut milk, kaffir leaves  and gives a nutty flavor. Rating 4/5
  • Kae Tord Sauce Makam - Crispy lamb in Tamarind sauce. Rating 3.5/5
Drinks --
  • Orange & Mint Virgin Mojito - Muddled with orange and mint leaves takes any regular mojito to the next level. The juices of orange and mint is released in every sip. Rating 4/5
  • Moscow Mule -  A vodka based and ginger based cocktail. It turned out to be too sweet. Rating 3/5
Dessert --
  • Water Chestnut in Coconut Milk - One of the most unusual dessert I have ever had. Crunchy water chestnuts when combined with the sweet sugar syrup and coconut milk make it refreshing. Rating 4/5
  • Khao Niaow Ma Muang also known as mango with sticky rice. A Thai food classic and So very scrumptious.

Overall, a splendid evening spent at Dao. Thank you Chef for asking for our feedback. We enjoyed our experience and loved the food. Though found it a bit sweet, however, we know where to land for our Thai cravings. The service was quick and servers helped in providing Thai names as well and kept us informed of the dishes. Thank you for the warm hospitality by Mr Manoj (Manager).

Dao has recently started Home Delivery to nearby places as well. 

Where? N 17 , 1st Floor, Greater Kailash 1 , New Delhi 
Call to make a Reservation - 011 33106294

Cost for two people - Rs 1700 approximately

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