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Molecular Gastronomy combines Physics and Chemistry to change the taste as well as the texture of food. Its usually describes a cuisine in which chefs explore the culinary possibilities. In short it is the scientific method for cooking. 

Newly opened 'Lights Camera Action' situated in the heart of West Delhi, brings Molecular Gastronomy as a fusion to the menu.

When I spoke to the owner Mr Varun Puri, he said "Its a new concept for the people residing in and around Rajouri Garden. We are setting a trend".

Ambiance -- 

Situated on two floors, indoor and well as outdoor known as Air Bar, LCA ie Lights Camera Action has a Bollywood and Hollywood styled theme with Bhoj-puri dialogue posters hung on the brick walls, Tripod tables, Cinema like lights on the ceiling, a Selfie wall, Dancing glasses and the staff wears t-shirts with funky filmy dialogues. The indoor space holds a capacity for 80 people whereas the Air Bar has a capacity for 150 people.

The menu is innovative and has a vast range for starters. The names of the dishes are Bollywood dialogues from the movies and are fun to say aloud. Do not miss this! The staff is well versed and they know what they are serving. 

Food Talk --

We started with their Complimentary Banarasi Lassi Sphere and the Jal-jeera Popcorn. Banarasi Lassi is a molecular sphere served as a shot. Banaras sweet styled Lassi served with Rabdi, Malai and Pista crumbs. It was a perfect melt-in-the-mouth. Amazingly presented. Rating 5/5

We then had the following :-
  • Rajnikant's Early Morning Tea - A south Indian Rasam laid out like the vintage Tea Style. Tea represented as 'fried curry leaves' and milk represented as 'coconut powder'. All this when combined brings out a tangy flavored Rasam that you might have never had before. Its a must, must try! Rating 5/5
  • Chammak Chalo - Lettuce salad with an orange twist. Rating 3/5
  • Hollywood Papdi Dhokla Chaat -  Chef Aman Puri demonstrates this nitrogen based Papdi Chaat right in front of your eyes. Believe me its magical. Papdi, Dhokla and crispy Spinach Leaves combined with all chutneys and frozen yogurt. Do not miss this action, Live. Rating - 5/5
  • Bhiku Mhatre Vada Pav - Mumbai ka king as they say. The flavors of the masala used in this will linger in your mouth for long.Rating 4.5/5
  • Jhakaas Maska Bhaji Paav - Bhaji (gravy) fondue with buttered Pav (bread). The bhaji is delicious. Rating 4/5
  • During our meal we were served few mocktails as well. Mojito - served in a tall lab kind glass. Rating 2.5/5 ; Cosmopolitican -Zesty. Rating 3/5 and Coco Colado - Pineapple and coconut combined made it way too sweet. Rating 2.5/5.
  • Pyaar Tune Quesadillas - Mexican fusion of quesadillas served with mexican dips. Rating 3/5
  • Dil Chahta hai Naanza Pizza – The Naan is the crust with butter chicken as a topping. Rating 3/5 
Dessert --
  • Rabri Oreo Cake - You will not know there's Oreo in the cake until you dig into your dessert. Its Yum! Rating 5/5

Overall, a splendid afternoon spent at Lights Camera Action. Warm hospitality and friendly staff specially Ram Bhadhani, who kept informing us about dishes being served. Thank You!

Must have at LCA - Hollywood Nitrogen Papdi Chaat, Rajnikant's Early Morning Tea, Bhiku Mhatre Vada Pav. 

Where? J 2/6B, 3rd Floor, B.K Dutt Market, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi
Cost for two costs Rs 1800 approximately.

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