Michelin Star Chefs Masterclass by Zomato in Collaboration with CSS Group

Zomato, as we all know is a global restaurant and a discovery service founded by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah in 2008. Currently Zomato operates in 22 countries.

CSS Group is registered as a support group which helps in providing aid to the under- priviledged in India, through creative sectors. The Creative Services Support Group believes that equal opportunities should be given to people regardless of their upbringing.

This Collaboration of these two platforms brought together three legendary Master Class Chefs from New York, Europe and Sydney. The venue - "The Leela Palace" at Chanakya Puri.

Here is how it all started --

The Master Class started with Chef Anita Lo, author of "Cooking without Borders", Owner & Executive Chef of Annisa (Restaurant in New York's Greenwich Village).
She believes, cooking is a fusion art. Her food is famous for its multi cultural influence. She says in her book "Cooking without Borders" there are over 100 recipes from around the world. The recipes help home cooks to think how easy it is to prepare delicious food.
Cooking is like a language, she says. It is constantly changing and everyday there are new influences in the world. One can not only study just one cuisine.

Anita Lo, taught us the art of making Dumplings.

The second chef that was a Slovaknian - Chef Ana Ros, Co - owner and Head Chef of Hisa Franko (A family restaurant in Kobarid, a small town in Slovenia, which is close to the Italian border). Besides cooking, she is fond of traveling. She says, "Cooking is a relationship between the head, heart and hands". Her cooking has flavors, colors and are combined unusually. She likes to experiment and bring out magic from the ingredients. She is the one who has joined the "Cook it Raw Group of Chefs".

Chef Ana Ros demonstrated how to make Radish in Beurre Noisette with egg yolk.

Post lunch at "Leela Palace", the final session was demonstrated by Chef Lauren Eldridge, Pastry Chef at Marque. She has been announced as the Josephine Pignolet youngest Chef of the year 2015 and is fast establishing herself in the industry. 
The talented and legendary Chef made "Short Bread" using chocolate. The dish was tasted by all of us and it was Divine! 

Overall, a once in a lifetime opportunity of attending Michelin Star Chefs Masterclass and learning the art of cooking directly from these Legendary Chefs. I do not think I would have ever been able to meet the Youngest Master Chef Lauren Eldridge, of the famous Australian Restaurant. Felt really wonderful and I had an amazing time learning new techniques.

Thank you Zomato & CSS Group for curating this excellent opportunity! :-) 

For more Info regarding CSS Group, click CSSG

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