Italiano at DLF Cyber Hub

Italiano, situated in DLF Cyber Hub Gurgaon, serves Italian food with an accent on comfort food. 

Cyber Hub is home for all working men and women who have been enjoying places to eat and drink almost every day. This time I decided to get a taste of it too.. 

On any given day, setting foot in this arcade and deciding where to dine, is a task in itself. Thank God! I was here for a bloggers meet. 

Ambience --

The interiors are earthy with brick walls and other knick knacks like cages, jars and slogans which makes it look off beat. The lamps and paintings gives it an added advantage. Outdoor seating is best during winter months. 

Urban Pind - Re defined and how

Delhi's popular party destination since 2010 is back in a new avatar. Lot of Urban fun in a desi style. Its big, better and with a new address. 

Ambiance --

Spread across 3 floors, the restaurant is ideal to enjoy food in good weather conditions. Earthy colors from brown, beige to fawn make you feel warm. 
The walls are eye catching, fashionable, colorful and unusual with Superman logo and Psychedelic art. The vibe is more of a pub than a restaurant but still it will get you tripping.

Cafe Hawkers

Located in the heart of the city, Connaught Place, Cafe Hawkers should be on your "wishlist". 

The minute I entered, the cafe gave me a magnetic feel. You will spend time looking around and observe the quirky stuff they have on their walls. 

Ambiance --

The cafe is divided on two floors and beautifully done. The walls have paintings with ample amount of light thrown at them to catch the eye. Some tables have grass mats under the glass and the same grass was used as a padding on the walls. There were hanging jars with birds inside. Scriptures and cartoon art on one side and rainbow colored wooden planks on the other.
The upper floor is interesting too. Rolling pin used as a curtain caught my attention. It was captivating and innovative. I remember mentioning my foodie gang, how much I loved the ambiance of the place. Their style of designing the cafe, is spacious, stylish and quite inviting.