Apple Fritters Fry

Yes, fried. I understand how the thought of frying can be scary for all calorie conscious people. Yet I did experiment, going against the trend set for 2016. I have been there and back (of disliking myself for doing so) :P

Shall share a Recipe soon that does not involve frying.

Though this is the shortest Recipe, there are Tips to make sure that you move smoothly all along.

Lets start with Apples. Slice apples from the center and cut in ring shaped. Do not peel the skin. Make sure to de- seed them with the help of a cutter. Submerge these apples in ice cold water with 2 teaspoons of lemon juice to prevent them from browning. You can also do this a night before so the apples are ready to go when you fry them.

Now, take 2 cups of flour, add a can of Ginger Ale. The brand which I used was Schweppes (300 ml for Rs 50).

Once you pour the ginger ale into the flour, whisk slowly. Using a fork, dip your fritters into this batter.

For the frying --

You have to do your best and keep the oil steady. If the temperature of the oil is too low, your fritters will absorb too much oil. Too high temperature will burn the sides of your fritters.

Tip -

Do not multi - task when frying your fritters.
Start by frying one or two fritters at a time and then set the pattern.
Use the correct tool. A spatula or a tong to remove the finished fritters.

Deep fry your fritters one at a time. Fritters will float and not sink. Fry on one side from 30 to 60 seconds until golden brown. Then flip the fritter and fry from 30 to 60 seconds on the other side until golden brown. Remove the fritter using a spatula or a tong and place on paper and drain the oil. Repeat the same with other fritters.

Let fritters cool slightly, then glaze on top using sugar (powdered) and cinnamon powder. Serve immediately.

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