Aphrodisiac Bar in Delhi - Hotmess

 Delhi, welcomes its one of kind Aphrodisiac bar "HotMess" that serves innovative head spinning drinks and lip smacking food. Keeping in mind the beauty of Middle Circle Connaught Place, owner Akshay Anand and Bhupinder Singh, welcome customers with its chic interiors. 

The Interiors are a mix of modern and rustic colors. Interesting creatives and huge artistic paintings adorn the walls. The most eye catching thing is their bar, which is slanting and huge. As you step in, the large room is tinted in low pink lighting with blingy chandeliers.

Hotmess is created offering a vision of both worlds. Food & drinks are pocket friendly to experience aphrodisiac and exotic flavours that excite and delight the palate at the same time. After an extensive research and traveling the world, the menu offers a variety of innovative recipes keeping in mind the Indian Palate. 

Food Talk --

We started with Sparkling Daisy which is a giant concoction of beer and vodka with a Kingfisher bottle suspended into a wide goblet -- spiked with real strawberry and rosemary. The taste lasts forever. Vodka based Imly Patola is a must, must have. The Mojito is so refreshing and served in a plastic bag wrapped neatly with mint leaves. Found it to be an innovation of its own. For the highway is a whiskey based cocktail that has hints of cinnamon
At this point, the server serves us a platter which has Dahi ke kebab, potato and corn sticks with onion rings and green chutney. They go best with beer and vodka coctails. Found dahi ke kebab hearty and delicious, much recommended. Falafel wrap was filling. Nachos were crunchy and creamy and fulfilling.
I tried to avoid the Mexy Ranch Salad, which merely did not appeal my eye. With Crunchy Vegetable Gyoza, is a surprise of peanuts filled inside. Makes the dish outstanding and gives real crunch. 

For dessert I tried their beautifully plated molecular chocolate cake. De-lishing by scooping bites was a non stop affair. Service is quick and the staff is well trained. 

How to get there? M-11, Middle Circle, Connaught Place
Cost for two? Rs 1500 for two people (approx)
Cuisines? North Indian, Mexican, Chinese, American and Mediterranean
For Reservations - Call 011 3310 7674 

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