Coastal Food in Coconut Shells at the Newly Opened Nariyal Cafe

Nariyal Cafe is a concept Restaurant in Delhi. Living in the city, the one thing we usually desire for are the Beaches and the Food that comes along. The good news, we can finally chase away the fear of missing out traditional coastal food with this newest addition at Sarvodhya Enclave, Adchini.

With vibrant pastel blue interiors the environment is lively and gives a good vibe of the beach. The cool nautical theme consists of ropes and colorful suspended oars. 

Menu covers from Andhra, Kerela to Goa, Seafood, Continental to Thai. Staying true to their name, they have three types of flavored coconut water (Coffee - the best, Mango & Peach). There are Tea, Coffee and Shakes too.

Food Talk --

As soon as we were seated, a refreshing welcome drink of coconut water infused with saffron and honey was served.

This was followed by Malay Laska Soup presented in a coconut shell. Laska is a rich, smooth, spicy coconut curry based soup of the Malaysian cuisine. The spark of flavors will take you on a fun adventure.

Thalaivaa SuperFood Salad, is nutritious, delicious and super satisfying. Full of great veggies, quinoa, pomegranate, sprouts, nuts and apple. When all of these ingredients are combined, there is some kind of magic.

Shotgun Murugan Taco also known as Fish Koliwada. Koliwada is the Koli or the fishermen's colony in Mumbai. There are many Koliwada's near the coastal line and is a famous dish in Maharashtra. Crispy taco shells filled with fish koliwada, cheese and sour cream became a favorite.

Goan Prawn Curry Slider, altered to an American slider (burger) with fries on the sides and presented on a Trowel. Although Goa being situated on a coastal belt, comes with abundance of seafood. There are several dishes and one of the most common one is the Prawn Curry. Nariyal Cafe, brings in the twist by presenting the famous prawn curry in a slider. Its drool worthy.

Then came the gorgeous Mutton Sukka Spaghetti, a lick smacking and an absolute favorite of mine. The succulent tender pieces of mutton cooked in dry curry and coconut masala.

Kerela Tempered Veggies Pizza, roasted onions, broccoli with garlic and zucchini tossed in Kerela spices. A very hot (spicy) dish and should be devoured by people who love spicy food. They should mark the dish with two red chilly.

Marinated meat is mixed with rice and cooked in a slow process to bring out the flavors of hand ground masala, ginger and coconut milk. Chettinad Dum Biryani, presented in the coconut shell brings subtle and aromatic flavors of both the biryani and the coconut.

It was now time for some Dessert. Any meal is incomplete without it. Because desserts usually don't go to the stomach, they reach the heart directly.
First came Expresso Rasgulla, a rich Indian sweet belonging to West Bengal was mouth watering and loved by my fellow foodie colleagues. A little too sweet for my palate though. Lastly, Murugan Chocolate Bomb, a creative chocolate sphere which is poured with piping hot nutella sauce to burst into surprises. An unforgettable dessert with a WOW factor. They must re name this dessert to 'Imploding Chocolate Bomb of Hearts' *winks*

Overall, the experience was Exquisite and I loved the Food. Would definitely recommend everyone to visit it often. Its a gem of a place and satisfies the palate we have for coastal cuisine. This will soon be a cafe, I shall visit often and become a regular. 

Favorites - Sukka Spaghetti, Kerela Tempered Pizza, Dum Biryani and Chocolate Bomb.

Rating - 5/5

What to look forward to - Terrace with the bar

Cuisine - Kerela, Goa, Seafood, Continental & Thai

Cost for two - Rs 1200 approximately
 Opening Hours - 12 noon to 11 pm

Call to make Reservations - 011 41019668 (Recommended) 
Address - A 4, 3rd Floor, Adchini, New Delhi (Landmark Waves Restaurant)

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