Late night hunger pangs sorted. Order gourmet burgers from Bun Intended

Hungry at 2am? Pick up the phone and order some gourmet burgers from Bun Intended. Delivering only at night to be precise 7 pm till 4 am, they are doing great.

With a large selection of humungous and wicked burgers, their target is for all those who have late night hunger pangs and post bar hopping crowd. The quality of food is good, so you can also order burgers for dinner.

Burgers are spotlessly packed in sturdy boxes with garlic mayo and Cajun fries. We ordered Cajun Crispy Chicken -- thick fried chicken breast that stuck out of the bun (no complaints! it was good and crunchy). Marina sauce was smoothly spread over the chicken with bell peppers and English cheddar.  The Shami Burger -- classic shami kebab with thai sweet chili sauce. Heard its the king of all burgers. However, Bun needs to improvise it.

The Falafel Wrap, lebanese style is loaded with veggies and good spices while fried zucchini fries gave a delightful crunch.

Flaky Oreo milk shake, Blueberry chesse and Salted Caramel are a must have. Apt amount of sugar and perfect for the palate.

At Bun Intended one can also craft their own burger. But if one doesnt want to think that hard, they have five vegetarian burgers, a whopping 15 non-vegetarian burgers, three massive Empire Burgers, an option to get a box of Bao, six wraps and six salads.

Where? GK1, Vasant Kunj & Gurgaon DLF Phase 4

Timings - 7:00 pm till 4:00 am
 Call - 011 30806424

Cost for two - Rs 850 approx. 
Overall Rating - 3.5/5 

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