A sensory afternoon at PA PA YA, Select Citywalk Mall, Delhi

After the success of Masala Library, Zorawar Kalra opened Mumbai based Pa Pa Ya in the capital city, New Delhi. On level four of Select City Walk Mall, with a ceiling height of 70 feet, which catches the eye, Pa Pa Ya is advertised as the highest restaurant in Delhi - NCR.

The restaurant is quite spacious with classy wooden work all over. Interiors are sophisticated and stylish. During our visit, the 70 feet high ceiling gave us more than enough light to enjoy our meal and click pictures around. 
At the center of the restaurant is a huge round elevated bar and on the other side is a sushi bar. There's enough space to move around. Ask for a drink and sit at the sushi bar to groove in trance.
We were greeted and escorted to our table. Mr Jai, welcomed us, introduced himself and with a pleasant smile made sure to note about ingredients we were allergic to.

The menu at Pa Pa Ya is influenced by several countries across Asia including Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, China, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia and Singapore.

Food Talk

A complete reinvention of Asian cuisine on a global scale. Eating here is an experience in itself. They take you on a culinary journey through the landscape of Asia in a manner which you might have never experienced before.

They offer an assimilation of various cooking techniques and cultures found across the Asian continent. Its not just the ceiling that catches the eye, their dishes of shell bowls, wooden tree branch platters, stone decorated bowls and unique trays, speak of class.

Cocktails --

The afternoon started with refreshing Fuku Sour, a vodka based cocktail with melon liqueur topped with mango candy on the side, U lsuki Sho, bourbon with watermelon and kafir lime topped with vanilla air on top, Fizu Miruku, gin mixed with soya milk and in house tea concoction and Yin Yang, caramalised pineapple in vodka with fresh cardamom and chamomile foam on the top.

Starters --

The first dish that was presented was a Sushi Tree. An in house assortment of Sushi's artistically prepared. The branches included :-
- Vegetarian Sushi Burger, buns made of sushi rice rolled on nori sheet and stuffed with Gobo (also known as burdock root in Japan and tastes like bitter carrot), Diakon (Raddish) with Philly Aioli.
- Non vegetarian Sushi burger, similar to vegetarian buns, stuffed with salmon along with wasabi aioli.
- Carbon Sushi, an Uramaki style prepartion in which the rice are colored black using squid ink. The stuffing has crab stick, avocado and cucumber. It is topped with Japanese rice crackers and Mayo.
- Aspharagus Cream Cheese Roll.
I loved the presentation. Out of all, the most relished and delectable ones were - Carbon and non vegetarian sushi burger.

Har gow, dumplings of prawns on a bed of thai green curry with fried basil, cherry tomato and black tobiko on top. Though I had no idea what black tobiko was. When asked, Mr Jai politely explained, its similar to squid ink to make it black. On the vegetarian front, we opted for Aspharagus, Corn and Burnt Spring Onion dumplings served on a bed of black bean sauce. After relishing both, Mr Jai, recommended we try Chorizo Takoyaki Negi Tare and left us with blank looks. After a while, he returned with another dish of dumplings. Tempura battered with a stuffing of minced chorizo sausage and grilled octopus dressed with negi tare (scallion sauce), fish flakes and parmesan on the top. Okay, at the mere mention of octopus, I had a huge smirk. But he rest assured that I will enjoy. And only after hearing my colleague's appreciation, I indulged in a bite or two too with a smile.

Pla Samrot Gung, was beautifully presented. Prawns tossed in thai sauce served on a bed of green chilli and pea sauce. A dehydrated pineapple slice on the side and mandarin sour cream on top. A super delicious dish and highly recommended! Give it a shot.

For the Main Course, we indulged in Lamb Rendang Curry which had two pieces of shanks slowly braised and served in an Indonesian curry along with Roti Parantha on the side.
Sichuan style crispy prawns with Thai basil fried rice, Khao Pad kar Pao. Highly Recommended!

After a good meal, all one craves for is a dessert. We had a dome of chocolate placed in front of us. I took a wild guess of what the dome might consist and what syrup they might use to crack open the dome. Aha! Incorrect ma'am, came a voice. The syrup was flambed using alcohol and the dome broke open to vanilla ice cream, cookie crumble, chocolate ganache and lots of almonds. A pleasant surprise must say.

Much about culinary art is about offering an exceptional experience. With super innovative presentations, integrated cutting edge contemporary cooking techniques, including the use of  latest innovations & technology. Overall the entire experience was exquisite. Special Thanks to Mr Jai, for his warm hospitality and sharing his knowledge about dishes. 

I would certainly recommend, give a rating of 5/5 and go back to be served again. 

Cost for two - Rs 2000 approx. 
Location - Level 4, Select CityWalk, A3 District Center Saket, New Delhi.
Call for Reservation - 8800002881/2
Opening Hours - 12 noon to 1 am. 

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