Gluten Free, Vegan, Carb Free and Totally Organic Breakfast at The Altitude Cafe

People love to eat. Well, at least they do for Lunch, Dinner and snacks. Breakfast, however, can be a different story. Whatever happened to that adage advice to "Start the day with a Hearty Breakfast?"

These days, many of us either don't eat at all or we grab an apple, buttered toast, rush to our work places to wash it down with caffeine. Or if we have time, we may swing by the local fast food joint for whatever we get our hands on to save time. Just for a minute, stop, breathe and think. Is this what our bodies really need to get us going in the morning?

Breakfast is really just that - breaking the fast. When you wake up, you have been without food for 10-12 hours. We need to power up our body to meet the day. The next time your tempted to miss breakfast? DON'T!

You are missing out on important nutrients that your body needs to keep you healthy and maintain steady energy and blood sugar. Which means that you may be setting yourself up for a crash by mid morning and even later afternoons.

Want one more reason? Studies have shown that if you skip breakfast, you are more inclined to make up those missed calories by over eating. And nobody wants that. Do You? 
Alright, so assuming I have convinced you enough, that breakfast is important, let me tell you about a beautiful cafe - "The Altitude Cafe" at Meher-chand Market, that we recently visited for a Hearty Breakfast. 

The Altitude Cafe promotes healthy eating habits through their wide range of products that are Gluten Free, Vegan, Carb Free and Totally Organic. This cute little charming place is best for all those looking for Healthy Food. Because breakfast is offered until noon and all days on weekends. 

Ambience --

With a very vibrant vibe, this beautiful cafe has pretty little plants, thick ropes with nice bulbs hanging from the ceiling. A cafe where you can relax, read a book, watch people on the streets, engross yourself in the art that is facing the cafe. A place where your mind and body can be detoxified over a healthy meal. 

Food Talk --

The menu is simple and not cluttered. Each ingredient is lab tested and organic. So when you read the menu, their items shine through. 
On any given day, a breakfast always starts with a glass of freshly squeezed juice, because its always happy hour somewhere. We started our hearty breakfast with a Citrus Mint Cooler which had lots of Chia seeds. Chia seeds have recently started gaining a lot of popularity in super foods community, are rich and a good source of nutrients. But if this isn't enough, they have Blue Tokai Coffee too, to raise your spirits.

Our killer breakfast had just started!

Normally a smoothie is presented in a glass. However, The Altitude Cafe, promotes smoothie in a good bowl. Since cherries are a hot selling fruit this season, they served us a Cherry Smoothie Bowl. Not only will you fall in love with its color but as soon you dig in for your first bite, its lingering taste on your tongue will leave its impression forever. Its so refreshing, delicious and loaded with super foods. We loved it so much that the bowl was empty in no time. The smoothie contains flax seeds, chia seeds, mint leaves and cherries. Keep in mind, the smoothie bowl is Seasonal and changes according to availability of fruits in the organic farm.

So far their best selling item from the menu is Gluten Free Granola which is served with Nut Butter, Honey and Vanilla Yogurt. So if you're following a Gluten Free Diet, you know Altitude Cafe is a perfect place. Though its naturally sweetened and you will enjoy with nut butter and yogurt. However, being a food blogger, nothing goes without experimenting. So we poured honey and it became extra sweet. A little extra sweet for the palate. 

Ricotta Hotcakes are something you must try. Extra fluffy, creamy, loaded with honey butter and apple sauce. 

We were then served with Eggs Benedict (altitude style), an age old American Breakfast dish that consists of two halves of an English muffin topped with Parsi Keema, poached egg, Hollandaise sauce and served with buttered brioche. This is a must, must have. The oozing flavors of Keema is cooked perfectly to your hearts desire. 

As soon as you end your American Breakfast, farm raised pork sausages with poached eggs and mushroom is brought to the table. This is the age old English British style. The combination is essential and basic as it consists of simply salt and pepper. Whether your English or French, this delicious English Breakfast is a must have. 

Chia Seeds is a super food that feeds the brain for energy. What can you do without it? So after indulging in a hearty meal, we ordered for a Fresh fruit Chia Parfait. When I was a child, my favorite fruit was always, mango. So when this pudding was nearing our table, all I wanted was mango *winks* 

The beauty of this Mango Chia Parfait was its texture, taste and flavors. This vegan dish is loaded with Almond milk, Flax, chia seeds and fruits. 

Searching to Gluten Free places in Delhi is not an easy task. The reason we chose to go to The Altitude Cafe was because it caters to our daily health requirements and that is exactly why we enjoyed the meal so much. At the end, we were full. Don't get us wrong, but good full and not heavy full *smiles*

Opening Hours - 8 am to 5 pm only.
Address - 116, Meherchand Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi.
Call for Reservation - 011 49050404
Cost for two - Rs 600 approximately.

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