A Calm Oasis midst all chaos that go hand in hand at Hauz Khas Village

Yes, our very own favorite Yeti has recently re opened in Hauz Khas Village. 

Yeti, the Himalayan Kitchen is best known for Nepalese, Bhutanese, Sikkim & Tibetan cuisine. The Himalayan Range is so vast that Yeti covers all places situated in the Himalayas. 

The interior has brick walls, lanterns, Tibetan prayer flags and Himalayan motifs on the walls. All of the decor used makes the ambience tranquil.

The restaurant is divided in two sections. One section is located next to a giant window that allows sunlight to seep right through and the other is where we were seated, next to the bar and kitchen. Not to miss the essence of being at a hill station, they play Regional folk music in the background.  

Food Talk -- 

Yeti, is the only place that introduced me to Aloo Momo's (potato dimsum). No Kidding! They became an absolute favorite. I tried them at Greater Kailash outlet on a family gathering and devoured by the plate. 

We started with Aloo, Mutton & Chicken Momo's which was served with three dips. Chicken & Mutton are always enjoyable, but Aloo always stands out and wins. As for a drink, we ordered Watermelon Mojito. 

Cooked with Nepali spices, these two appetizers you do not want to miss. Aloo ka Aachar & Aloo Sadeko. Consider them as a potato salad or a side dish for a meal. It closely resembles the potato fry we make at home with Indian spices. However, the Chef here uses spices of the Himalayan Region and garnishes it with Sesame seeds. Go easy on Aloo Aachar, as its super spicy and delicious. You may want to chug beer with this appetizer. Beer is recommended if you order Aachar. Adding these two my list of favorites.

Another addictive appetizer is their Wai Wai Sadeko. Made using crushed wai wai noodles, corriander, lime juice, onion and tomatoes. Did you know you could devour on wai wai noodles without cooking? Yes, these noodles are roasted and is equal to 1 chapati. I know because that's how I used to eat them, while I was studying in a boarding school in Shimla. 

I do not know a person who does not love Cheese. Sha Datchi, is a dish for cheese lovers. Its like a cheese bowl served with Tingmo (tibetan bread). Dip a piece of tibetan bread into this cheesy heaven and it makes you feel like your indulging in a fondue with flavors. 

When at Yeti, do not forget to indulge on their Non vegetarian and Vegetarian Thali. The non vegetarian Thali gives you one meat to choose from pork, mutton and chicken. It consists of Dal, Papad, Rice, Rai ka saag, gundruk Piro Aloo, Pickle, vegetable bowl and curd. Incredible and sumptuous is the word! 

If your a die hard fan of non vegetarian food. Thakali Thaali is designed just for you. It consists of Phokso (lungs), Cheley (tongue), Shapta (buff), Gyuma (sausages). I wonder if I got the names correct *phew* 

Our meal ended with Yomari which was Nutella Momo's served with Ice Cream and Cheesecake. It takes exactly 45 minutes to prepare Yomari, so make sure you tell your server before hand. Satiating your sweet tooth, both desserts were amazing. 

Now that we have made you drool, how about treating yourself with friends / family and booking your tables at the outlet. Because midst all chaos and hangovers that go hand in hand at Hauz Khas Village, Yeti still stands proud! *touch wood*

Cuisines - Nepalese, Bhutanese, Sikkimese, Tibetan.
Casual Dining. 

Recommended Table Booking, Call - 011 33106044
Address - 30, 1st Floor, Hauz Khas Village.

Cost for two - Rs 1300 approximately. 
They Home Deliver too.

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