Tame your Sweet Tooth Even with Diabetes

With enough tweaks in your daily intake of food, there's no reason you can't have a slice of pie, ice cream sundae, puddings, chocolates etc with Diabetes. Its simply a matter of alloting yourself with enough carbs. However, if those chocolate bars or the Gulab Jamun wont stop calling or you can't go two hours without a bite, you may need help with your sweet tooth cravings. 

Why do we crave for sugar? 

It is perfectly normal to enjoy sweet food. For some people, its so addictive that freedom only comes when they completely abstain from it. As some psychologist say, the body craves for sweetness when its desired in another part of life. In other forms, such cravings also arise when one is stressed, in comfort, enjoyment, sadness, change in hormones etc.  

Well, I am not saying its "bad" to crave sugar. Cravings are natural and most of us deal with them at some point. But the question that most of us never answer to is -- Do you feel Guilty after indulging in your sweet cravings?  

Yes, I do feel guilty after indulging in Chocolates, Cakes, different kinds of desserts etc. Its difficult to stop myself most of the times. Other times, I may just scoop a bite and relish the sweet moments. 

Recently, I was introduced to Sviten, a natural - guilt free sweetener. The magic of nature has worked and created a wonderful sweet tasting leaf. This sweet tasting leaf from Stevia plant is becoming sweeter day after day because its made using nutrients from Earth, Water and Sunshine. The leaf is processed with Zero Calorie Marvel. 

A single tablet, a single packet of Sviten is as sweet as 2 teaspoon of Sugar. 

250 grams of Sugar = 1040 Calories
1 gram of Sviten = 0.00 Calorie.

I am sure you have questions like --

Q1. What is Stevia Plant? 

Answer - Stevia is a plant (member of Chrysanthemum family). Its been in use for more than 200 years. It is 300 times sweeter than sugar. 

Q2. What are the benefits of Natural v/s Artificial sweetener?

Answer - Sviten is a natural born sweetener as compared to artificial sweeteners. It is great in tasting and has no side effects as against artificial sweeteners. 

We gave Sviten a try and started using it in our daily cooking. For a diet conscious person that I am becoming and having a family history of Diabetes, it becomes vital to change ones lifestyle often. 

So, I tried making Cold Coffee, Fresh Lime Soda and the Traditional Sooji ka Halwa at home using Sviten. For a person like me who always uses artificial sweeteners in her regular tea / coffee, this sweetener, changed my thinking. I am going to replace bottles of sugar free and keep a box of Sviten handy. 

The difference of sugar free and Sviten -- Sugar free simply replaces sugar. Sviten, is actually a sweetener for Diabetics and Calorie conscious people. It makes a huge impact in taste and its good!

1 box of Sviten consists of 50 sachets, priced at Rs 150 only. 

To buy the Product Online, Click Sviten-Natural-Sweetener-Tablets

To know more about the Product, Click Sviten.stevia

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