A Night at Pier 38 - Bar & Kitchen

Pier 38 is a Kitchen n Bar situated at Cyber Hub, Gurgaon. Well, to be honest, it’s much more than just a Kitchen n Bar. From the house that gave us Soi 7, Pier 38 was launched in January 2017. They are one of the few places where you can find cuisines like Persian, Arabian, Lebanese for a rocking night.

Embellished with traditional wooden finishing as suggested by its name ‘Pier’, this is the place to be at with your buddies.

As we walked down the entrance which is built exactly like an ocean pier, we entered into a realm that reminded us of old school rock bars, a place where the decibel levels have no boundary, where you can relive and experience legends like Nirvana, Metallica, The Doors etc. 


The ambience is that of old school rock built in a very contemporary manner. And to top it up are the live performances which come about almost every other day. Music lovers will never be disappointed, as the live performances at Pier 38 are of various genres ranging from Classic/Alternate Rock, Sufi Nights to Bollywood songs.

Moving on, we were really excited to try out the various cuisines being offered here.

Food Talk

Beginning with snacks, we ordered the Chakna Platter, Palak Patta Chaat, Trio Hummus, Corn and Cheese Balls, Chicken Pop Corn and Chilli garlic fish.

Even though Chakna platter was good, however due to high humid weather it had turned soggy. Though none of us were bothered by that at all as we couldn’t get enough of the other snacks we had ordered. If you are fond of slightly crispy shallow fried Fish/Chicken, we would like to reintroduce you to the Chicken Popcorn and Chilli Garlic Fish which were so well prepared with the right texture, flavor and crispiness that both dishes vanished within seconds. 

The other snacks were no less and the hummus was absolutely amazing. We had a feeling that all this food was being teleported all the way from Lebanon.

Simultaneously we ordered Drinks and Cocktails. The most amazing cocktails were Caprioska, Old Fashioned and Special 38. The bar at Pier 38 set the bar real high.

As the night was young we ordered another bunch of snacks which comprised of Turkish Pizzas and a couple of Platters. A visual delight plus a content palate is what we got.

At around 8.30 pm the live band began to perform. Each night is a different night here when it comes to live performances, so feel free to call the management and confirm what’s on the playlist. 

As the service was impeccable (A special thanks to our server Sanjay) we ordered the main course with hardly any space in our stomach. 

Our order Chicken Kafta and Mahiche were Arabian orders. Both the dishes were aromatic and amazing in taste. These two dishes were very close to authentic Kashmiri dishes.

Pier 38 not only serves amazing food and cocktails, they are no less with Desserts too.
I’m specifically going to talk about this one dessert which we ordered again and again & again.

The Cuban, the Cohiba and the Montecristo of all cigars - The Nutella Cigar Roll.

Have you ever wondered that once in a while you come across a dish, a dessert so good that it leaves you spellbound and wanting for more. The only thing you say after eating that masterpiece is ‘Waiter one more please’.

What more do we need to enjoy a night of exhilaration.
Great food, live music, good crowd, drinks and good company. 
You can find it all at Pier 38.

If you are planning to visit this place on a weekend, don’t worry about parking issues as Cyber Hub is well organized and has valet service to take care of your vehicle.

Cuisines - Persian, Arabian, Lebanese & North Indian.
Opening Hours - 12:30 Pm to 1 am.

Cost for two - Rs 1200 approx (with alcohol) 
Call to make Reservation - 011 3310 5597
Location: 1st Floor, Shop 106-107, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon

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