Indulge in Armenian Delights At Lavaash by Saby

Lavaash, is considered one of the oldest forms of bread which is fire baked flatbread from Armenia.The Armenian society in West Bengal goes back 300 years. While growing up, Chef Sabyasachi Gorai (also populary known as Chef Saby) studied in schools of Armenia and it was only months later after a thorough research, the talented young chef was transforming the kitchens of Olive. It was then, when he decided to start something of his own.

Passion, Art and Love are the keywords here. Both Chef Saby and Chef Megha are passionate, hard working and pay attention to fine details. They love what they do and it shows perfectly.

Lavaash, at Ambavatta One in Mehrauli, is the brain child of Chef Saby. The restaurant is not just pretty but a heaven for Delhi-ites. Perfect for first date (or any date for that matter) *winks*


Calling the restaurant just pretty will not do justice. With bright peacock motifs, hues of blue and white and stunning outdoor seating space, the place is an absolute charm during winters too. The restaurant has a vibe that connects you to Chef Saby's journey, his conversations with Armenian society and his sharp skills in some of the best restaurants in India.

Sometimes too many bright, bold colors and lights can be an eyesore. However, Lavaash maintains the balance. The beautiful indoor seating area is spacious and comfortable. While the scenic outdoor seating overlooks Qutab Minar and wins your heart instantly.


We started with Armenian Mezze Platter, served with crispy lavaash and chef's selection of traditional 4 dips which are served in cute little steel handis. We ordered a glass of white wine and Pomegrante mojito for our meal ahead. Non alcoholic drinks can still be packed with cheer. The spin on the mint and lime made this drink a classic and delicious pomegrante juice.

For the vegetarian portion, we indulged in thin crust Lavassh Pizza, Jewish Paneer Skewer and deconstructed watermelon, feta, spinach salad with mango puree. If you know Chef Saby well, you will know that his Pizzas are always the best. The Char grilled Jewish Paneer is a traditional Indian Appetizer, however at the restaurant they marinate it with Persian cheese.

Soon after Pizza and the traditional cottage cheese, we indulged in the classic deconstructed watermelon, feta and spinach with mango puree. Does the combination surprise you? Well, I sure was not able to stop myself. Watermelon with feta and the mango puree was completely magic. The best part - mango puree was not so sweet. It had a tinge of spice. Totally drooled over this dish.

As for the Non Vegetarian, we could only indulge on Chilly Chicken which were tender, juicy and delicious. I will go back to try on more non vegetarian dishes soon.

Even when the stomach is full, there is room for Dessert. Because dessert never goes to the stomach, it reaches the heart. Chef Megha got us to try Orange Pound Cake with a scoop of ice cream which was so beautifully presented. After clicking lots of angles, I could not wait to dig in. While we finished the pound cake, Chef Saby got us another dessert, which was love at first sight. It was goey, soft and full of chocolate. I was not able to stop myself. Perfect way to end a delicious meal!

Lavaash might be a bit expensive, but it is definitely worth the money. It is a refreshing addition to Delhi's dining scene. While there may not be many Armenian's in Delhi, Chef Saby has successfully ensured their legacy to live life long and strong. 

Where - Almost opposite Qutab Minar, Ambavatta One, H5/1 Kalkadass Marg, New Delhi.

Cost for two - Rs 2000 approximately (without alcohol)
Cuisine - Armenian, Bengali
Call for Reservation - 011 33106315
Opening Hours - 12 noon to 12 midnight.

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