The Three Best Neapolitan Pizzas at Fat Lulu's

Pizza that originated in Naples, Italy is known as Neapolitan Pizza. With simple, basic and fresh ingredients like a basic dough, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and olive oil. One of the main characteristics of a Neapolitan or Napoletana pizza is that often there is ample amount of sauce than cheese, leaving the center a bit soggy. This is the main reason why Neapolitan Pizzas are small in sizes (about 10-12 inches).

Neapolitan Pizza typically consists of a soft crust (if cooked properly at a high temperature), the crust will bubble up and be charred in spots when they are topped with simple tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese and fresh basil.

Pizza is one classic comfort food. You have devour it alone or with a group of friends. Basically, what I have learnt so far is, people come and go. However, pizza is always, always there for you *winks*


A 25 seater tiny cafe in SDA complex. Don't underestimate the size, this outlet packs a punch (when asked by few take away guests). The space inside the cafe is mostly taken by the preparation tables. There are three tables. Out of these three, two are normal and one is high seating. However, when you find a place to sit, the seats are very comfortable. Just the right place to sit, enjoy the characters around and enjoy your pizza.

Food Talk

We started with Pull apart Garlic bread which seems to be everyone's favorite these days. Anything topped, filled with lots of Cheese, is an instant favorite and catches the eye. In drinks, I first placed an order for Kala Khatta. Its fusion of sweet and tangy flavors with a refreshing touch of orange peel and mint, added as a digestive drink for the meal ahead.


For Appetizers, we started with delicious Bang Bang -  the ultimate barbecue chicken, Penne in Arrabiata, white and Pesto sauce. Out of all the three sauces, loved arrabiata and have bookmarked as a favorite. Not that I did not enjoy Pesto and white, but found arrabiata to be the best out of all three. Its tangy due to the tomatoes, good proportion of oregano and cheese are evenly spread over penne.

The number one vegetarian Neapolitan Pizza at Fat Lulu's menu, is 'The Rocket'. The toppings include Artichoke, Mushroom, Jalapeno, Red Onion, Rocket leaves and some Feta (star of the show) cheese.

For the meat eater's delight, one must opt for 'Pepito Chicken'. The toppings include Fresh basil pesto sauce, Bocconcini, Ricotta, Olives, grilled chicken and cherry tomatoes. Its juicy and not to overly oily (which is a plus point)

The hero of this pizza outlet, was 'Pappy's Pizza'. The toppings included grilled chicken, black beans, Jalapenos, Onion marinated in BBQ sauce, sour cream and cheddar. Its not too spicy, has the rich flavor of barbecue sauce and is very well balanced. Full marks to this hero.

Overall, a delightful evening spent at Fat Lulu's. Service was commendable too as the server boys were on their toes the entire time in suggesting starters, pizzas and drinks. They kept cleaning tables, to ensure we have adequate space to photograph. A special Thank you to their serving boys.

Address - C 7 Commercial Complex, SDA, New Delhi. 
Nearest Metro - Hauz Khas

Opening Hours - 12 noon to 10:30 Pm
Table Booking Recommended - 011 33105882

Cuisines - Italian & Pizza (Introducing Neapolitan Pizzas after 3 years)
Cost for two - Rs 1250 approximately.

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