Cafe Tesu, Essex Farms

Let's welcome Cafe Tesu, near Essex Farms with arms wide open. It promises perfect blend of Coffee, Food, Art and Imagination. They take their commitment of serving Coffee & Tea very seriously, which is quite evident from their four page menu of beverages. If you are a coffee addict, then this is the place to be. Cafe Tesu, has a range of hot n cold brews infused with Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Whisky & Rum, which is sourced from a brand named 'Devi' from Goa. You can get a French press or get a pour over at your table too. Add this to your bucket list / favorites. I have done too as I indulged in a cold brew on my visit, one early winter morning. Because I like coffee in the morning to kick start my day.

More of a Tea Drinker? Sip their signature blends of Rose petals or Tesu flowers. The teas are all done up by 'Anandini Himalaya Tea' , so you know you will be taken care of.

The outside walls of the Cafe are painted in gorgeous shades of blue which immediately uplifted my mood. With huge windows, chandeliers, adorned ceiling, ample amount of lighting, pristine white Mosiac walls, bright flamingo painted on the wall, wooden seating arrangements not only made it cool n sophisticated but a soothing n peaceful place to sit and relax. They have outdoor seating as well where you can sit, read a book, sip coffee and enjoy the winter sun. I will be found at Cafe Tesu during winters for a good read. Join me?

They have a diverse and eclectic menu that offers a mix of regular staples along with Sushi, Dumplings, Pork Ribs and Ravioli. Dishes we cant wait to explore on our next visit. Since we were here for Breakfast, we started with a fresh Butter Croissant, a good shot of cold brew and strawberry smoothie. The quintessential flaky Croissant was soft, buttery and crunchy at the same time and went well with coffee. In France, they can be seen everywhere and are pretty looking, so I have heard!

From the Indian Palate, we tried the Maharashtrian Leaf Poha. I have grown up eating this almost everyday. In Delhi, we make it with potatoes. However, in Mumbai, the poha has lots of peanuts and kandha (onion). Cafe Tesu, serves it with peanuts and sev (the twist). It was good and could do better with a little more lemon squeezed to it.

After a good start, we moved on to Eggs to order and ordered Eggs Florentine and Carnivore Breakfast. 

The classic Eggs Florentine is the best to have at breakfast or brunch. Also, note - its healthier than the traditional Eggs Benedict. Florentine is two poached eggs, sauteed with spinach, filled with cheese and topped with buttery n creamy Hollandaise sauce. Voila! This dish is elegant looking and tastes wonderful!

[For all those who do not know what Hollandaise sauce is - its a Dutch sauce, prepared by whisking egg yolk, water, liquid butter and lime juice over low heat on a double boiler. Salt & pepper is added for seasoning] 

Moving on to the Carnivore Breakfast, yes I decided to be carnivore early morning and that too for breakfast! Ha-ha! Two scrambled eggs served with pork n chicken sausages, finger chips and their in house bread. Its a complete meal in itself. You can select your eggs to be scrambled, soft boiled, hard boiled or in the form of an omelette. Eggs seem to be synonymous to breakfast.

The line between breakfast and dessert just got a bit blurry with these dark, chocolaty Nutella Waffles with Hazelnuts. These fluffy, short cut waffles are filled with Nutella and make the breakfast treat even more special. Don't forget to try these towards the end of your meal!

So, basically what we are saying is that Cafe Tesu is a perfect for friends meeting over coffee, for breakfast date, business meetings or to sit alone and enjoy a quick cuppa. We can't wait to explore some more of their signature dishes. 

Where - Essex Farms, Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi
Opening Hours - 8 am to 11:30 pm.
Call - 9873 704704 / 9999 456700
Cuisines - Mediterranean, Sushi & Breakfast
Cost for two - Rs 800 approximately (exclusive of applicable taxes) 

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