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The Karma and The Kismet

Karma Kismet, is a fine dining addition to Delhi's lively colony, Greater Kailash  2. I met Mr. Tushar Jagota, co-owner of the restaurant and asked him about the History. We sat near the bar when he mentioned -- "Chetan, Chef Deepankar Khosla and Me always fantasized about opening a quality restaurant. The thought always remained in our hearts and once the money came, we opened this place. Deepankar has worked with ITC's restaurant, Peshawari and loves the cuisine. He is also known for his work in a Bangkok based Indian Restaurant and happens to be my brother. He loves experimenting with ingredients and does not hold back on presentation. So it was his and co owner Chetan's good Karma in the industry. I joined the picture as a Kismet, putting everything together. That's how Karma Kismet began." 

Well, their Karma's and Kismet both have been good! And how..