A Gastronomical Evening at The Embassy of Peru

New Delhi, 27th April 2018: The Embassy of Peru in India and Commercial Office in presence of the Ambassador of the Republic of Peru, H.E. Mr. Jorge Castañeda, hosted a gastronomical evening unveiling four new Peruvian cookbooks. The event took place at the Art Gallery of the Embassy of Peru on Friday, 27th April, 2018. The exhibit was followed by a cooking demonstration and dinner, skillfully prepared by the Chef with delectable Peruvian ingredients such as Purple corn, Quinoa and Pisco - Spirit of Peru. 
With the aim of introducing India to the diversity of the Peruvian cuisine, the four cookbooks promise to take you through an exciting journey that celebrates one of the most awarded cuisines of the world. They are based on Rice, Corn, Potato and traditional Peruvian specialties and how they have evolved over the years.

On this occasion, Mr. Luis M Cabello, Economic and Commercial Counselor of Embassy of Peru in India, said, “Embassy of Peru is pleased to showcase our exciting journey of being one the most awarded cuisines of the world through this cookbook launch. These cookbooks include some of our emblematic Peruvian dishes using kitchen staples like potatoes, corn, rice, fish and poultry products.”

Peru has been consistently recognized as the World`s Best Culinary Destination for six consecutive years, including this year, at the prestigious World Travel Awards and also considered by many to be the Oscars of the Tourism sector. This recognition, helped place Peru over and above other international gastronomic giants like France, Italy and even India.

Honored to be standing with The Ambassador of the Republic of Peru, H.E Mr. Jorge Castaneda.
About Peru --

Every place on the planet has something of interest, but Perú is undoubtedly a privileged country for its great natural, cultural and human legacy. Here, nature lovers will be amazed by the sharp contrast between forests and deserts on the coast; deep ravines and towering snow-capped mountains in the Andean highlands; densely forested slopes and huge plains of thick vegetation in the Amazon jungle; and they will be surprised at the wide variety of flora and fauna, unique in the world, that are characteristic to each of these regions. Those who admire the remains of the past will find magnificent testimonies to an ancient civilization that dates back six thousand years, with an unmistakable cultural identity that created wonders such as the Royal Tombs of Sipan, the Nazca Lines, Chan Chan and Machu Picchu. And they will be able to see the best examples -in painting, sculpture and architecture- of the fusion of indigenous and Hispanic cultures. Adventure travellers will be able to ride tall waves and go looking for underwater life on the long stretches of natural beaches; climb high mountain ranges, explore deep caves, run the longest and the biggest rivers on the continent, trek along ancient paths that wind through different eco-systems; and observe endangered species up close in natural reserves of indescribable beauty. Because it is a racial melting pot, the country is home to multiple expressions of its peoples through their ancient, creative and colourful folk art. Visitors can join in age-old celebrations, each music and dance retelling its own history. They are welcome to share in the customs and tasks of villagers and witness how farmers have been able to master the difficult terrain of the coast, highlands and jungle. There also will be no lack of opportunities for the most demanding of palates to savour the variety and quality of Peruvian cuisine, which offers the visitor the best combination of flavours in the Continent.

Below are some Pictures of Dinner that was served --


Want to get a Taste - The Cookbooks are available at Embassy of Peru. 

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