The Asian Tuk Tuk - New in Town

Dubai's Tum Tum Asia has taken a flight and arrived at Nehru Place, New Delhi. The USP of Dubai is Vegetarian while New Delhi has a mix of Vegetarian as well as Non Vegetarian delicacies. 

Tum Tum Asia is all about authentic Pan Asian Cuisine with a twist. The owner Chef Akshay Nayyar and his Partners were all fascinated by the vehicle 'Tum Tum' while they were traveling across Asia. Its a motorized vehicle found carrying hungry people with a craving towards hidden food holes of the Asian cities and towns, hunting for mouthwatering eats. 

"To me, food should not be constant. It should be a joyful journey that your body, mind and soul experiences. And it was on this life - long journey of yummy dishes that Tum Tum Asia was born, says Chef Akshay Nayyar". 

Located on the ground floor of Eros Corporate Towers on the main road, its easily visible as its bang opposite Nehru Place Metro Station. The interiors are neatly set up with quirky paintings on the walls depicting South East Asia's hawkers markets. 

The menu pans through different countries with lots of classics and fusions. 

We gorged on Asian delicacies consisting of Sushi & Dim-sum. So if you are a big fan of Asian food, Tum Tum should be on your bookmark list as it comes on top of my recommendation list. 

The Dim-sum that we loved and highly recommend are --

The Naked Cactus -- Well cooked chicken was rolled into balls with rice stuck on it which looked like cactus. The tummy sauce called Sam Rod (which is a sweet chili sauce or dried chili dripping sauce used either as coating or as a topping) is drizzled on these steamed cactus. We were amazed at the presentation and the taste. 

Peak a Boo -- Traditionally Chinese open face dumplings stuffed with juicy mushroom and silky soft tofu crumble. The outer skin was very thin and they were topped with fried garlic on top. 

Creamy Onion -- Cottage cheese dumplings with sour cream, cheese and onion topped up with Togarashi drizzle (its a mixture of  spices containing red chili pepper, orange peel, black sesame seeds etc). The dish is served with crushed wafers on the sides. An absolute winner and a melt in the mouth. 

Wow Wonton -- We have never had Wonton that are so crispy. The filling consisted of broccoli, corn and cheese. These were served with three sauces and since they were fried, they were not at all heavy to the stomach and left us mesmerized for more. 

Bloody Mary Har Gao -- Juicy shrimp soaked in Bloody Mary and folded to form a dumpling were presented in little egg shells. One could just slurp / sip these. No you don't eat the egg shells, they were there as a presentation. Classy though.. 

Charcoal Lamb -- Succulent, juicy and flavorful meat steamed to perfection. Packed in thin black charcoal skin. 

Naked Cactus
Bloody Mary Har Gao
Creamy Onion
Wow Wonton

Charcoal Lamb

The Sushi that we loved and highly recommend are --

Sea Donuts -- Its a rice donut topped with salmon, tuna , crab meat and wakame. Its a feast to the tummy and liked the way it was presented.

The Black Gold -- This sushi dish is a chef's specialty and is dusted with edible luxury gold. Yes, you read that right. Golden rock shrimp tempura with uramaki is packed in black charcoal sticky rice. The gold is attractive but the dish leaves a very dry taste afterwards.

Tropical Cucumber -- Fresh cucumber, pickled radish and gari were refreshing.

Sea Donut

The Black Gold
Now, lets talk about Desserts -- After gorging on such amazing delicacies, all we wanted was to gorge on desserts. The courteous chef understood that food was to be enjoyed and not just eaten for the sake. So he politely asked us if he should bring us a light version or a heavy portion of desserts. Since, someone had recommended to try out their Signature Chocolate Burger, we could not go without enjoying it. Plus the Chef also presented us with --

Tum Tum Krob (Tum Tum Version) -- Coco pandan foam, ruby chestnuts, mango duet and a surprise on top. Did not understand a word I wrote? Wait, let me explain this in detail. This dessert is a childhood memory return. Do you remember those magic pops that used to make crackling noise once placed on our tongue? This dessert does exactly that! Every bite is filled with magic and it wont go till you finish it. A beautiful creation that brings back childhood memories. Tasteful, exotic and one just can not get enough of it. Even while writing this, I feel like having another one.

A Chocolate Burger -- This dessert is prepared right in front of you. The server brings all the ingredients on a marble base. It consists of chocolate cookie bread, a slice of chocolate, shaved brownie pieces, marsh-mellows, nuts and chocolate ice cream. Its a heavy dessert and by heavy I mean - Cheat Day Dessert :P

Tum Tum Krob

The Chocolate Burger

The staff is friendly and has knowledge to what they are serving. 

Where? Ground Floor, Eros Corporate Tower, Nehru Place, New Delhi.
Call on +91 8860732343

Timings -- 12 noon to 4 pm and 6:30 pm to 11:30 pm
Cuisines -- Asian, Singaporean, Indian, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Nepalese. 
Cost for two -- Rs 1400 approximately (exclusive of taxes) 


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